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Samantha ‘Patience Jay’ Rice Introducing New Trends for Music Millennials With DREAM HUSTLE WIN University

Published on July 28, 2021

The path to success for music millennials has never been easy. The dream of becoming a superstar in music is pursued by millions of artists. Their journey towards success includes many financial barriers, incalculable betrayals, and fantasies with double standards.

The decision-making of everyone is highly dependent upon their emotions. But to achieve great success, you must look beyond emotions and think rationally. You can only succeed by getting out of your comfort zone. Many emerging music artists would wander on the internet while searching for ways to become famous overnight. But they are unaware that the success lies within consistency and by compromising your rest over your dreams regularly. Be the sailor of your own ship, and become an independent artist & entrepreneur. According to the music gurus, the music business is 10% music and 90% business.

Many independent artists receive a lot of promising offers through social media. The demand for up-front money will be there to get these young artists to the heights of success. Most of the time, these young artists had to sacrifice their hard-earned money for nothing except broken promises. These incidents will lead the artists to depression, and ultimately, anxiety will kick in automatically.

If you are looking for genuine guidance, look no further than DREAM HUSTLE WIN University for music millennials. The university is providing online consultations through zoom as well. Students here at DREAM HUSTLE WIN University are provided with an intricate knowledge of how things work out in the music business. For real-time information, emerging artists are provided a twenty-minute session with specialized artists to understand how things work out in real life. As a part of this institute, young artists will get to know some of the most innovative music monetization strategies, which will definitely escalate the artist’s brand. Choosing music as a career is indeed a brave decision, and it is imperative to make such decisions without compromising much.

The DREAM HUSTLE WIN University is inspiring entrepreneurial hustle and financial independence. Business-minded artists are crucial to Dreamhustlewin University’s success. Artists’ journey is made easier by accessing the information on monetization, marketing, branding, and music publishing. Samantha’ Patience Jay’ Rice has played a crucial role at DREAM HUSTLE WIN University. With over 10 years of experience in the music industry, Samantha Patience Jay Rice is an expert in her field. The value Samantha Patience Jay Rice brings to artists is her business acumen and matchless commitment to her profession.

Samantha Patience Jay Rice is SVP of Digital Communications and Partnerships of RADIOPUSHERS. RADIOPUSHERS is a preeminent monetization branding agency for entrepreneurs.

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