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Sama Sitara Redefines Elegant Dressing With Exclusive Hand-Stitched Kaftans

Published on July 01, 2021

Your style is a way to introduce yourself without having to say anything. It’s not always that women dress to impress. Sometimes, it is the mood, the comfort, or the occasion that decides the outfit. Jeans and high heels make a killer pair but the comfort of a Kaftan is unparalleled. This royal attire has been redefined with style and elegance by the apparel boutique Sama Sitara. It is a small business owned and run by women. Sama Sitara was founded by Megha Khanna to transform the Kaftan from just loungewear to graceful attire.

Born in India, Megha has always loved the vibrancy of colors, the beauty of fabrics, and the intricacy of prints that are indigenous to the country. After relocating to the U.S. she started missing a lot of things about her country. While most of her nostalgia could not be revived she found a way to bring back the essence of Kaftans in the U.S by starting her brand. Her daughter has been the greatest support behind this innovative concept that blends tradition with style. In fact, the name “Sama” is the short form of her daughter’s name Saumya and “Sitara” means the morning star.

Sama Sitara is a humble initiative to bring back colorful vibes and exquisite prints with couture apparel. The brand specializes in Kaftans that are hand-made and hand-stitched. Exclusive handloom fabrics are sourced from the best suppliers in India to create these Kaftans. These fabrics then reach skilled women artisans who shape them into elegant Kaftans. From colors to prints, and even style, everything is designed as per preferences and not from templates. That’s the reason the brand makes only 10 pieces of each kaftan. So, once you own a Sama Sitara kaftan it almost becomes a unique piece of elegance.

All the Kaftans of Sama Sitara are made using the finest fabrics from India. You have a wide variety of hand block prints and colors to choose from. A single Kaftan may take two to three days to be made and the result speaks for itself. These Kaftans are then introduced to the U.S markets. Unlike large clothing brands, Sama Sitara doesn’t make apparel in bulk. It only produces a few pieces at a time, making every piece a work of art and a rare collection. Style has been the prime focus of these Kaftans to blend comfort with elegance that completely changes the way the Kaftan is perceived.

As the Kaftans are hand-made by individual women and directly sourced from India, no middleman is involved in the process. Every woman who works on these Kaftans earns individual credits for their artistic skills. The brand’s brilliant initiative has helped many women in India earn a living and be able to take care of their families. Soon, Sama Sitara will expand its collection to home décor that will help more underprivileged women artisans to be able to send their children to school and put food on the table.

Sama Sitara is on a mission to reveal the versatility of the Kaftan as an outfit. It can be naturally transformed from an outfit for lounging to lunchtime in no time. The brand wants every woman to have at least one piece of this elegant wear as a proud possession and to know how it personifies grace effortlessly.

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