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Sales Come Second, It’s A Brand War We Are All Fighting by Ruben Alvarez

Published on October 07, 2020

Have you ever heard “Oh man, I would have bought from you but I literally just paid them last month to do it? I’m not happy with it either but I just can’t afford to do it over again.”

The problem we all face is not that we are not good salespeople or that we need to learn to close. 

No, in fact, the problem began before we even knew of the person. Everyone assumes the problem of any business is sales but how can you survive if people are not aware of you but choose to go with the person in front of them?

That person or business has one item that you are lacking. Brand presence. They are the first person they were thinking of when they pulled the trigger and decided to buy. 

It’s An All Out War 

Branding is no joke. In war, you do not act with no intention. It is precise and everything you do matters. You need to be willing to fight and die to protect what you believe in. 

Yes, the colors you pick matter. You should be running ads and meeting people daily. However, you need to be intentional about everything at the forefront and lead with that. 

Looking over your ROI daily is a quick way to ensure that your frustration will overrun you. 

Great Questions Win Wars 

The vast majority of people will go into war thinking how can I survive? This is not a great question as you are not thinking anything other than survival is possible. 

The other side has so many resources and no doubt will win. How can a mentality like this possibly get creative and overtake the space they are fighting for?

Alexander The Great never thought about winning one town. He was always questioning how he would one day overtake the world.

“How can I become the go-to brand in my industry”?

Glad you asked. Keep asking yourself this question daily. 

Newsdesk Editor