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SafeTrip – Your Gateway to Simplified Trading

Published on July 26, 2021

The dreams of traders and investors of a place where financial instruments gathered to be traded has been granted. As an answer to solve and break the existing technological obstacles, SafeTrip has arrived in the nick of time.

With a mission to treat all traders beyond their status as a “product” for financial institutions, Safe Trip intends to be the platform to cover all financial products under one umbrella. This is a home for all. This is the home we’re hoping for.

Without the existence of intermediaries, users can execute their orders seamlessly with joined access to their favourite products. Offering a simple way to trade and invest, SafeTrip could become the next best platform to handle your investment.

Whether it’s a trader with Fiat or Crypto, all are welcome. Now, let us know better about this magnificent idea of Safe Trip.

What is a Safe Trip

SafeTrip has come as a community token where users can finally access all financial products with the act of middlemen. This platform creates a straightforward streamline of transactions without delay and troubling fees.

Each user is able to try their prototype, which shows a simplified interface that’s neat and clean-looking. Enjoy a direct transaction to all products without the need for banks and multiple brokerages to access a particular currency.

Under one financial umbrella, all things are possible.

How SafeTrip Answers Every Problem

What’s excellent about Safe Trip is the ability to solve troubling issues that always exist in the world of digital transactions.

The first common trouble that always happens is the time delay. Delay in withdrawing is pretty common and noticeable on various platforms. Time is money, and you won’t use it to wait for withdrawal anymore.

Since all the necessities are available on the SafeTrip and transactions can be made as easy as using a debit card, you can be free from costs and delays.

What SafeTrip brings is efficiency. When all financial instruments are in one place, the entire work-frame would be far more efficient and effortless. By offering 100% transparency, your money flows, spending, and savings will be altered.

By adapting to the latest Blockchain technology, and Fiat currencies, the success of SafeTrip is just a matter of time.

Useful Features

What is a platform without a feature?

Without features available, a platform could be sentenced as dead on arrival. Since nothing to be expected, it’s basically a ticking bomb waiting to be exploded and puts everything around it in ruins.

That won’t happen with SafeTrip. This platform has a lot of features, including Defi Wallet, biometric authentication, Marketplace for NFT, DeFi exchange, and fund manager.

Handle your investments easily on the go with SafeTrip Fund Manager. It allows users to keep an eye on their portfolio’s performance at all times, with daily or weekly status reports sent through email or notification.

Push Forward and Beyond!

Going to the moon is prevailing nowadays. It’s to go beyond the bounds.

With lots of expansions and features to be expected, hop on the ride beyond the moon and galaxies!

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