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Riding in on the Wave of Commercial and Film Success in Style, 6x Effie Award-Winning Actor Mike Whaley Does It Full Speed Ahead

Published on December 03, 2020

It’s no wonder why actors and entertainers alike flock to the camera or stage for their moment in time. They often want to be heard and often seen. But for some, it’s all about making an indelible mark on the industry and its people.

Mike L Whaley, otherwise known as Mike Whaley, is a 27-year veteran in both film and commercial. His rankings of successes come from episodic to film and commercials. Even more impressive than his resume is his box of gold, some silver, of Effies, the distinguished awards for advertising companies for memorable commercials. Whaley has been part of a whopping 6 Effie Awarded productions, where he was part of the cast or the spokesman. “It usually doesn’t hit home until I walk into the production office or hear from the client that we won for best something… it’s a great feeling to be part of the whole process,” said Whaley in an interview.

He is always the best he can be; he is one of the most sought after commercial actors in 2020. Whatever the project, we know that it will surely be a well-packaged gift that keeps on giving if he is on set.

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