Review Tashi Non-Stop Web Series by Val Fiott

Published on May 10, 2022

Somewhere between Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and Pee-Wee’s Playhouse lies the fun and magic of Tashi Non-Stop, an educational kids’ show that is quietly building a beautiful following on YouTube. This animated web series, created for kids aged four to eight, is “non-stop” in many ways – with its positive energy and playfulness only eclipsed by the kinds of life lessons you’d expect from Sesame Street or Mr. Dressup. However, don’t let these comparisons give the impression that this show is a retread. By no means is Tashi Non-Stop driven solely by nostalgia. On the contrary, the skits feel fresh and unique, and they bring a sense of innocence that relates perfectly to the childhood experience. It’s learning without the pressure and the walls.

“When it’s fun to learn, it’s easy to learn.” This quote from Tashi’s website,, couldn’t better represent this web series’ intention. Tashi, whose real-life name is Natasha Hanina, is born to entertain. She plays several over-the-top characters on this delightful sketch comedy program, each with its unique backstory. They genuinely engage with heart, interacting with the audience and providing valuable lessons fun, tangible way. Tashi values family, social values, and making the world a better place; this is evident in how she brings her collection of colorful characters to life.

Review Tashi Non-Stop Web Series by Val Fiott

What are these characters like, you ask? Each fits into a different part of life: Ms. Wallaby teaches lessons about the outdoors and instils values relating to animals and nature. Agnes McMonagle spends her time inspiring health and fitness (albeit in a hilarious, awkward way). There are also characters like Chef Tashi, who playfully introduces a variety of foods from different parts of the world, and Tashi The Vampire, who teaches kids how to sneeze without spreading germs and even how to overcome fears of the dark. These characters are hilarious and present these lessons sweetly and entertainingly.

Studies have shown that when kids connect to their imagination early, they deal better with life as adults. From managing relationships to being better workers, children who are in touch with their creativity become adults who are in contact with themselves. Social values meet life skills on Tashi Non-stop, and while some lessons fail in the lecture format, they connect beautifully in this unconventional, unstructured web series.

The walls come down with Tashi Non-Stop. The show’s ambiance benefits greatly from green screen technology, where colorful backdrops and creative sets bring to life Tashi’s characters. This greenscreen work adds a flavor of vibrance that resonates with the show’s tone and brings a more modern feeling to a genre that relies on physical sets, props, and puppets. Each environment fits beautifully and resonates with the theme of the skit’s lessons.

Tashi’s heart and love for the childhood experience shine through all the lively characters and creative sets. Every skit feels like a love letter to the process of growing up and never forgets to instill a critical value. Messages about manners, taking care of others and respecting the environment run throughout this colorful web series.

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