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Recording Artist Tiana Kocher Teamed Up With TikTok to Raise Money & Awareness During COVID-19

Tiana Kocher - Don't Trip Challenge

Published on June 25, 2020

On April 18, 2020, recording artist Tiana Kocher teamed up with social media giant TikTok for a 30-day charity and community-driven contest, during COVID-19, where people would dance to her new single ‘Don’t Trip’ on TikTok, tag her in their posts, and winners were picked daily.

The #DontTripChallenge was assembled and opened in both the Philippines and the United States. Winners received a PHP2,500 gift card from Lazada plus a PHP5,000 donation given in their name to the Philippine Red Cross. On the other hand, US winners were rewarded with a $50 Amazon gift card and a donation of $100 to the American Red Cross in their name.

On completion, the challenge raised over $3,170 (PHP158,500) for the Philippine Red Cross. The #TianaKocher and #DontTripChallenge hashtags generated over 10,200,000 views, marking an amazing “staying connected” awareness campaign.

“Staying connected during the pandemic has been vital,” said Kocher. “And the #DontTripChallenge exceeded all my hopes of not just connecting us as a community in a fun way, but also by raising much-needed money for the Philippine and American Red Cross that work tirelessly for us all year round.”

Users Did Their Part from Home with the #DontTripChallenge

The COVID-19 quarantine measures forced people into their homes, unable to go out. In an effort to curb the person-to-person infection, it hindered people from lending a helping hand to frontline workers.

Recording artist Tiana Kocher saw the opportunity to help from the comfort of her home. In a joint effort with TikTok influencers, she started the #DontTripChallenge campaign to aid the Red Cross.

The Red Cross faced shortages and needed donations. Workers in the United States have exerted efforts to help the community, sometimes offering support to residents after fires decimated their homes.

Across the globe, the Philippine Red Cross are doing their part combating the spread of the coronavirus. The Philippines Red Cross’ arm, the National Blood Services, delivered safe and quality blood supply during these dire times.

Tiana Kocher’s #DontTripChallenge campaign provided relief to the Red Cross. The influence of this campaign reached global status, with participants from the Philippines, United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

COVID-19 Mitigation with the #DontTripChallenge Campaign

Users didn’t have to violate social distancing to participate in the #DontTripChallenge. All they had to do was check the hashtag on the app and create a matching dance video of their own. Creative users made their own version to Kocher’s ‘Don’t Trip.’

Submitted entries and winners can be found on the official #DontTripChallenge TikTok page. The #DontTripChallenge utilized technological advancements for COVID-19 mitigation efforts.

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