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Recording Artist Rise-Ascend Releases “Feeling Good” Single on #MTSTPBlog

Label "MTSTP Blog – Music To Stop The Persecution"

Published on June 12, 2020

Virginia-based artist Rise-Ascend announces the release of “Feeling Good.” The song is meant to give the listener a sense of hope and perseverance. Rise-Ascend has been in the studio, putting finishing touches on several tracks including his latest release entitled “What The World Needs”.

“The production of “Feeling Good” and “What The World Needs” has been one of my favorite creative projects to date,” Rise-Ascend said with excitement.

“In addition to being a recording artist, I am a husband, father of three children, and a full-time practicing attorney working in the public sector. I make music that I hope will uplift and inspire people to be positive and peaceful in these troubling times.” – Rise-Ascend continues.

The release “Feeling Good” has received numerous positive reviews. Xune Mag wrote: “It’s a stripped back track with Rise’s vocal style emanating good vibes. There’s an easy going flow throughout, accentuated by the underlying, hopeful guitar melody. Together, this lifts the mood even further and adds calmness to the track.”

“The rapping style is quite similar to Mos Def in the way it’s punchy, but gentle at the same time. This creates ample amount of time for you to ponder the message at your own pace. Auto-tune is used too, but it’s not heavily laid on, making the genuine feel of song remain.”

“It’s an ode to happiness and how to achieve it, which is something we do need reminding of from time to time, especially when there’s not a lot out there at the moment.”

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