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Infinitum screenshot of game. © Qu Entertainment

Quarantine Inspires Creativity: PC Game of Exploration and Adventure to Discover the Beauty and Mystery of a Timeless World

New game from Qu Entertainment launches on Kickstarter

Published on May 26, 2020

With COVID-19 isolation restrictions impacting so many of us, Leslie Spring, a career software developer, resisted the urge to indulge in Netflix and decided it was time to ‘spring’ into action. He felt after years of helping to build and ship other companies’ games and software, it was time to pursue his own dream of making a story-based science fiction adventure game. His wife Mimi said she was amazed at the results of the past month in development. “After watching Leslie create his prototype and after some discussion, we both felt that this project should be put on Kickstarter,” she stated, “so he could finish this passion project.”

Spring explained, “My game is called, ‘Infinitum.’ Some time ago, I wrote a short novella by the same name, so the game under development is based on my original story. Infinitum is a PC game of mystery and adventure. Currently, everyone is so stressed out from COVID-19, so the timing seemed right for a more relaxed, story-driven game. I didn’t want a game where you have to run around shooting or have razor-sharp reflexes to avoid bad things happening. For certain people, those kinds of twitch games can make you very tense. Instead, I’m developing a game where you can relax, calmly travel around and explore the game world at your own pace, taking your time to enjoy the story and solve some fun puzzles as you play.”

Infinitum is a spiritual successor to games like Myst, noted Spring, as his game recalls some of its exploratory, story-telling, and puzzle-solving aspects. The story itself has its influences from classic sci-fi authors such as Asimov, Clarke, Niven, and Simak, he stated. Continued Spring, “Infinitum is a real-time 3-D game with a certain amount of visual realism, an open world where players can lose themselves in a good way for some healthy escapism,” he said. “Of course, some have noticed a bit of a Star Wars influence in the way the game looks. I don’t mind that comparison at all!”

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