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Puerto Rican Chef Revolutionizes the Catering Business

Published on July 06, 2020

It was 2017 and his restaurant was booming. Then Hurricane Maria struck. Years of effort were lost overnight. The hurricane shattered windows and stormed through buildings like a vacuum, pushing restaurant equipment onto the street and causing the total loss of the restaurant.

Chef Jorge Luis Morales was left without a kitchen but with all of the equipment and talent needed to cook. Forced to innovate, he asked, “What if we take the restaurant to the customer?” That was the idea that started all. Taking advantage of his experience working in diverse restaurants and international cuisine, Chef Morales established Cocina Movil, the restaurant in your house.

“I wanted to create something different than traditional catering, where chefs bring shaffins and serve food,” Morales says. “I wanted to create an experience, something classy, fun and adjustable to any guest who visits the party.” Currently, Cocina Movil’s most popular offerings are the elegant Spanish paella cooked on-site, the French crepe station, the Italian concept that combines hand-tossed pizzas cooked on their wood oven with a pasta station, and their award-winning barbeque.

Cocina Movil has opened a niche in the market. There was a real need for this service among individuals with special needs who can’t leave their houses, as well as artists and public figures who want to have a private restaurant experience at home. Now, there is no limit for who can enjoy Chef Morales’s cuisine, and that is perhaps the greatest measure of his success.

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