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‘Provoking Thoughts Through the Realms of Reality’ – Eslam Hozayen, Film Director Hopes to Redefine Art by Focusing Solely on the Wonders of the Human Brain

Published on September 20, 2021

When you’re looking for a film to watch, it can be tempting to pick something that is light and fluffy. You might want something that will make you laugh or feel good. However, sometimes it’s good to look at the world from a different perspective – one that isn’t always so easy to see. These movies can get you thinking about things in new ways and help you remember what really matters in life. These films are made by individuals like Screenwriter-Director- Eslam Hozayen, who is willing to ditch the norms and create something far from the ordinary- something real and raw that revolves around the cores of mental awareness. Egyptian filmmaker, Eslam Hozayen also known as ‘Director E’ was once a seventeen-year-old with aspirations to make a mark in the world of films. In an attempt to pursue his passion, Eslam migrated to the U.S and went on to creating short films and visuals that shed light on mental health awareness. For Eslam, films were not just about attaining fame by entertaining viewers. He set out to achieve much more. Most of his films revolve around concepts that are usually buried far from human thought as they seem to focus on vulnerability and the dark side of the human brain. In one of his films, Eslam chose to highlight the issue of segregation, only he reversed the equation which resulted in backlash and disapproval from critics. In reply to the critical responses, Eslam stated that he only wished to ‘educate’ and not ‘offend’, the short film is titled “In a parallel universe” hence the reversed segregation, and can be found on IMDb, Vimeo, and the director’s social media platforms among much more of his work.

The Indie filmmaker sees ‘Mental Awareness’ as an important matter and thinks there’s never going to be enough awareness raised regarding this concept. His goal is to educate people on the concept and deliver a message that reminds his viewers in all walks of life, that no matter what they’re going through there’s always someone, somewhere who’s been there and suffered that. In other words, he seeks to convey that ‘You are not alone’. His efforts are truly remarkable in this regard as portrayed in his films like ‘My Skin is Black’- that sheds light on the offensive questions that are directed towards African-American people. In his most recent series titled- ‘Meds’ he educates his audience on the intrusive thoughts of people affected by severe OCD. Among his other thought-provoking works are ‘I hate you” “Boy” and more, with his 2021 short film ‘The Devil Within Us’ being the most successful after winning the hearts of viewers and bagging three critic’s awards in three different European countries, and first premiere award in India and Sweden respectively.

Eslam may not be considered an entertainer in the eyes of critics, but his role is far beyond. His films are mind-openers, soul-stirrers and most of all highlight the elements of reality in their true essence. Eslam believes that ‘Art’ must make one think. It shouldn’t just be something you enjoy with a bucket of popcorn. In fact, it should be based on topics that touch you so deeply that you just won’t stop thinking about them. This is what Eslam hopes to do, change perspectives and touch lives. When he succeeds in his mission Eslam Hozayen won’t just be known as a filmmaker but a game-changer for setting a unique trend in the film industry.

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