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Producer, songwriter and singer IZZAT (Izzat Halikov)

Producer, Songwriter Izzat Music Video Scores Big with US Retail Chains

"Another Life" music video distributed by Roc Video Promo

Published on October 28, 2019

IZZAT (Izzat Halikov) is an international record producer, songwriter, and singer from Uzbekistan.

He is goal-driven and an enthusiast, and nowadays his energies are vested towards Electronic Dance Music, Deep House, Euro Dance, Pop, and other Progressive genres. Additionally, he is working on a variety of professional projects.

Another Life music video was Directed by Zane and shot in Los Angeles with the lead actress Paige McGarvin acting as BRBN. Another Life video was distributed by Roc Video Promo in NY. The music video is regarded as a great screenplay for a hot Dance video and song. More so, the video has over 6 million views on YouTube. It’s airing on Music Choice Vod, Music Inner City on the West Coast and it stayed in rotation at CMC Playlist for at least 6 weeks. Another Life music video is airing in Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Anytime Fitness, Retro Fitness, and over 4,000 Gyms nationwide.

Izzat – Another Life Music Video is currently airing on Tempo Networks which airs throughout the Caribbean and New York’s Metropolitan area. IZZAT Ft. BRBN – Another Life music video will be airing in Rooms To Go for the entire month of November, which is a great feat for a rising star.

Izzat‘s feature with BRBN (Bourbon) is regarded as an awesome combination for the music video industry and BRBN added a creative touch to the music video. BRBN delivers a sound and lingo true to her urban roots as an incredible Latin American singer and songwriter. She is inspired by classic artists such as Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, and Billie Holiday.

At the age of 12, he started showing signs of his interest and innate capability in music formation as he was able to effortlessly produce an excellent piece of folk music for children. During his teenage years, he started performing live with a wedding band and learned more about this profession and its technicalities. In 2003 he attended a conservatory of piano, there he became more comfortable with the environment of music creation and started experimenting with it. He also composed music for a band of his friends in the conservatory. In 2006 he joined a university with a conservatory and learned more about the skills of Sound Producers.

He also worked internationally as a music arranger and sound producer.

SOURCE Roc Video Promo, LLC
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