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Private Banking Solutions Company, Foster Swiss, to Increase Volume of Its Operations

Published on February 25, 2021

Reports 25th February 2021 had it that Switzerland-based firm Foster Swiss will increase the volume of its operations. The move will see the private banking solutions company expand the scope of its services managed in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. The Madrid, Barcelona, and Geneva-based international consultancy offers financial, tax, and legal services for both individuals and companies.

Customer Base

The firm represents individuals and companies from different corners of the globe. Their main client base is from Spain most of whom are said to be entrepreneurs and great fortune earners residing in the province of Malaga.

Sources within the private banking solutions company also confirm that it opens offshore bank accounts for clients. At the time of reporting the firm reported that it operated in approximately 40 jurisdictions globally and the move to increase its volume of operations would see the number rise.


The company notably stated that their move to increase their operations would solidify some of their partnerships and also lead to the creation of more. Mercantil Financial Group, led by Dominican Republic lawyer Marino A. Marrero Baez, is one of the companies that works closely with Foster Swiss.

Mercantil Financial Group is a leading financial management company that specializes in the prevention of money laundering, a practice that has put the Swiss banking industry on the limelight in the recent past. Foster Swiss affirmed its commitment to ending money laundering and reaffirmed its stand through its partnership with a company that has a Certified Financial Crime Specialist at its helm.

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