Ponyflo: The Long Haired Woman’s Secret Weapon

Published on January 21, 2022

You may be hearing the phrase “new year, new me” as we start a new year. For some, that means lacing up those sneakers and hitting the gym. If that sounds like you or someone you know, we have the perfect item to add to your workout wardrobe!

So light-weight and breathable, you’ll forget you even have a hat on! Ponyflo hats are universal active caps that fit the needs of active women on all levels. Whether you’re going on a stroll in the neighborhood or running a marathon, this hat will keep your hair up and out of your way, so your hair is the last thing you’ll need to worry about. Get this hat wet out in the ocean or keep it on all day during a heatwave- you’ll never have to worry about shrinkage or water damage. All Ponyflo hats are specially designed for women with a unique back structure that supports high ponytails and buns.

“I love working out but found that I could only make time to go before work. I would hop out of bed, throw on a baseball cap, and hit the gym. Pulling my ponytail through the opening in the back of the hat was uncomfortable because the opening was set too low. It was also very cumbersome to pull my hair through such a small opening,” said Founder and Creative Director Minsun Kim.

About 50% of New Year’s Resolutions are healthy and exercise-related. However, according to data from the fitness app Strava, most of their 70 million users had quit their resolution by January 19!

Ponyflo wants its customers to feel the most comfortable they can while working out so they can hold onto those New Year’s Resolutions. Kim discusses how she thought up the initial design:

“I got a hold of a bunch of caps and started cutting and sewing different concepts until I came up with one that finally worked. I knew that the opening had to be big enough to fit my hair through comfortably and that it should be easily opened and closed. Most importantly, I wanted the opening to be high to wear my ponytail higher, more natural, and comfortable. All without compromising the shape of the hat. The last touch was to use a high-quality Velcro closure that was tangle-free.”

To get into the spirit of your new routine, it’s fitting to get dressed for the occasion with activewear that is comfortable, durable, and most importantly — chic! There is no need to compromise your style when there is an array of stylish Ponyflo headwear that will not only ensure you look good but make you feel good while you’re working out.

Ponyflo is one size fits all. Its fully-opening back closure wraps around your pony to lift and support while giving you the perfect fit no matter what size. No more measuring or guessing your size for a fitted hat; these caps #StayOnStrong and give you the most comfortable fit!

Designed with premium fabrics and materials, Ponyflo Performance is for the true athlete. These hats are built to withstand the most challenging workouts and all types of weather conditions.

Ponyflo Active was made for women who live their lives in athleisure. These hats are perfect for any recreational workout and on-the-go after. The active collection has everything you need for your regular daily exercise.

Ponyflo’s unique design was created specifically to ensure that women could finally experience comfort while wearing a baseball cap with a ponytail. Outside of performance and active headwear, Ponyflo also offers a wide range of different types of hats, including classic, bucket hats, kids hats, and beanies.

Maybe your goal is to lose weight, or you’re trying to get stronger, or perhaps you intend to take your existing training routine to the next level. Whatever the case, you need the right gear to help you reach your goal. Ponyflo active and performance hats will provide the comfort you’ve needed in your workout.

“What I’m most proud of is that this is one of the first baseball hats that a woman has designed for women,” says Kim. “I hope that you enjoy the Ponyflo hats as much as we do. Thank you!”

You can learn more about Ponyflo and their wide range of different headwear on their website ponyflohats.com.

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