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Pier59 Studios Bans NY Models and LA Models For Violations of the Model’s Bill of Rights

Several major photo studios across New York City have been operating "under non-legal occupancy" or partially non-legal for years

Published on September 19, 2019

Federico Pignatelli, the founder of the Model’s Bill of Rights, announces today that NY Models and LA Models will both be banned with immediate effect from his facility, Pier59 Studios, following his determination that NY Models and LA Models are acting in violation of the Model’s Bill of Rights in various instances. The agencies will join other banned companies including Wilhelmina, Nomad, Major and The Syndical Models Miami.

“Our objective with the Model’s Bill of Rights is to ensure that all models are working in environments where they are safe, paid in a timely manner, free from legal pressures, harassment, and other business violations that unfortunately are all too common within the Fashion industry,” states Pignatelli.

“As the owner of The INDUSTRY Model Mgmt, I witnessed what many models had to go through prior to joining our team. As the founder of Pier59 Studios, I find myself in a position where I can be a catalyst for change through education, support, and banning certain agencies that I believe are not in compliance.”

“Young models need to feel educated, empowered and confident to be in control of their career,” Pignatelli comments. “We offer comprehensive education programs and assistance at The Industry Model Management to make a difference in the business, but until the rest of the industry starts following our example, we may see little change,” Pignatelli concluded.

The news comes on the coattails of the release of Pignatelli’s Studio Safety Report, showing that several major photo studios across New York City have been operating “under non-legal occupancy” or partially non-legal for years. This puts the models at high risk while shooting in dangerous and non-insurable environments, leaving them completely at risk in the event of an accident. Journalists including The New York Post, CityBizList, and The Daily Front Row, all reported on this news ahead of New York Fashion Week.

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