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Shestakov with a wild horse in Iceland

Photographer Artem Shestakov to Co-Direct New Movie ‘Blue Springs’

Shestakov's portfolio includes brands such as Ferrari, Sixt, and Ritz Carlton

Published on February 06, 2020

Conttratta Studios has announced it is starting a new project with Ukraine based photography director, Artem Shestakov. The film will take place this next summer in Florida and Shestakov will be directing a cast of composed by models Daniela Tablante, Priscila Fierce and football player Ricardo Alves Fernandes. Conttratta Studios is an American media company owned by Major League Soccer player Roberto Linck, Fabio Simplicio and FIFA Legend Emerson Rosa.

Artem Shestakov was born in Ukraine, but moved to Brazil when he was still a teenager. After finishing High School, Shestakov entered business school in the National Technical University in Kiev, Ukraine. Soon after, he realized being a photographer was his passion, so he decided to start traveling the world pursuing his dream.

After 7 years of traveling the world, he had many adventures, including spending 1 month in Mongolia. “During the Mongolia trip, my co-worker and I were by ourselves with the closest city being 40 miles away. We heard a bear coming to our tent in the middle of the night, we were frightened. After a couple of days into the trip we blew out two of our tires and had to drive for hours until we found the next city that could help us,” explained Shestakov.

Currently, Shestakov is working on exposing his photography work in art events around the world, his photographs are from countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Indonesia.

“I feel I have been blessed with the opportunity to be part of this project, something that I am passionate about, which is cinematography. It will be such a rich experience; I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Doing business is always stressful but when you do something that you love it makes it so much easier. I look forward to continuing to grow my business relationships in this country,” says the young entrepreneur.

Shestakov has worked with brands such as Ferrari, Sixt, and Ritz Carlton.

SOURCE Conttratta Studios
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