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Paula Abdul and Many Influencers Support Recording Artist and TikTok Star Montana Tucker’s Empowering Anthem ‘Be Myself’

Published on July 12, 2021

Last month, Universal Music recording artist and TikTok mega star Montana Tucker joined forces with Todrick Hall to release empowering anthem and PRIDE theme song “Be Myself”. The track, which focuses on themes of self-acceptance and standing proud no matter what obstacles one may face, has garnered hundreds of thousands of streams and views already. The song has already gone viral on TikTok and was #1 on several TikTok editorial playlists. MTV has now added the video into high rotation. It was such a hit that the Queen of Dance herself, Paula Abdul, teamed up with Tucker, who she said feels is “like a daughter” to her, to create an “old school meets new school” TikTok for fans to swoon over and spread the message.

And Abdul was not the only fan of the smash hit to create a viral video – thousands have joined in on the challenge, including mini-internet cutie Brody Hudson Schaffer, whose rendition of the challenge posted on his mom’s account has garnered tons of views and stolen the hearts of people all over the globe. Others, such as world renown model Grace Strobel who has been making waves in the fashion industry as a stunning model with Down Syndrome, came to support the anthem as the message lives on through Disability Pride Month. “Being bullied myself, I know how deeply that hurts and cuts into how you feel about yourself,” she said. “Be unapologetically okay with who you are! Believe in yourself and your worth to the world.”

And some more great news – for each video made to the song with hashtag #BeMyselfChallenge, ZUMBA, who used the song as the anthem to their PRIDE campaign in classes in over 186 countries, will donate $1 to the It Gets Better organization.

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