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Pandemic-Related Stressors Place a Substantial Burden on the Vulnerable Population and Healthcare Providers

Precision's virtual waiting room has helped over 5,000 patients be treated safely

Published on December 18, 2020

For individuals in addiction treatment, anxiety can complicate efforts to achieve recovery goals. Social and economic changes caused by the pandemic will continue to increase during this period, along with the traditional barriers to treatment access and adherence. Patients with substance use disorders have increased vulnerability and are experiencing new challenges accessing the services they need.

“Drug testing is more important now than ever. Many people struggle with their mental health as they isolate themselves and social distance themselves to stay safe. Providers are continuing to see higher rates of relapse in their patient population,” said Miguel Gallego, President and CEO of Precision Diagnostics. “We are proud to be a part of the solution by providing NextGen technology and UpNEXT for providers to not only safely see their patients, but also have the best data to support treatment planning and Value Based Healthcare.”

In the wake of COVID-19, Precision Diagnostics launched UpNEXT, a virtual waiting room, to support providers and staff so they can safely and efficiently treat patients throughout the pandemic. Precision UpNEXT is an easy-to-use online platform that relieves the administrative burden and helps providers see patients with less risk of exposure by using a remote check-in process with mobile alerts.

Providers can visit to see how UpNEXT can be customized to fit their needs, view information on UpNEXT, read testimonials, and schedule a consultation with a Precision Diagnostics team member. Providers can also call 800.635.6901 to learn more about UpNEXT.

Precision UpNEXT is an excellent tool for practices that are:

  • Adjusting workflows to maintain a safe environment for their patients and staff
  • Determining how to stay open
  • Experiencing a reduction in the number of patient visits
  • Utilizing telemedicine with patients who require medication monitoring
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