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Pandemic Inspires New Business to Make Construction Sites Safer

Easiest Contactless COVID-19 Check-In & Screening Solution

Published on June 02, 2020

The rise of COVID-19 cases in the construction industry inspired new business, JobSiteCheck, to provide a method to lessen the spread of the virus among job sites across the country.

This past April, construction workers in 31 states were declared as essential workers, putting them at increased risk of infection. According to Austin Public Health, construction sites in Texas join health care, grocery stores, and other industries that have been hit hardest by the spread of COVID-19. It’s a trend that is playing out in other states around the country, including Nevada, North Carolina, Maine, and Washington DC. The need for greater worker safety is a top concern as more states resume construction activity.

Using QR based technology, JobSiteCheck’s contactless solution allows workers to seamlessly sign in to a job site using their personal mobile device. By reducing the physical interaction between workers and staff, the application promotes onsite safety and aims to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The software doesn’t require an app download. Instead, employees use their phones to capture QR codes posted at the entry points of each job site. A browser-based form is then used to complete a questionnaire related to risk and possible exposure, and are quickly granted or denied access. Using an admin dashboard, project leadership can manage safety at the job sites by seeing how many workers have failed at entry. The dashboard allows for a high-level overview of multiple job sites and trades.

Tala Matchett, construction executive and strategic advisor to JobSiteCheck, shares how their product reduces contamination among essential workers.

“JobSiteCheck exists to help site managers implement best practices to keep their teams healthy and safe. It’s an efficient application built around the COVID-19 challenges. We’re laser-focused on helping companies solve this problem immediately.”

Helping businesses comply with state and local guidelines, JobSiteCheck provides a platform that contributes to the health and safety of employees during times of crisis, and beyond. Visit its website to simplify the process of keeping your construction employees safe and well.

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