Over 3,000 Manga Contents Are Up for Translation Online as EISYS, Inc. Launched Its Profit-Sharing Translators Unite Service

Published on November 24, 2021

Translators are welcome to translate and split profits as over 3000 manga content are available for translation with the newest translation software – Translation Unite of DLSite, making the reading material more accessible to the market and audiences despite the language differences.

As of today, manga contents were made digitally accessible worldwide through DL site- one of Japan’s leading manga platforms. Different readers and authors from other countries have better opportunities in accessing manga contents with lesser restrictions. So, as the global demand increases for manga contents, translation to other languages were raised.

EISYS, Inc. have seen this demand that is why through its software Translators Unite translating mange contents to different languages becomes easier. It is the newest software translation service that helps manga readers and authors to connect with one another efficiently. Translators are expected to experience a great deal of advantages using the software.

  • Diminished language barrier, allowing millions of manga readers to access more content.
  • Translators Unite provides registered translators with more translation service offers on the web. The sales will then be distributed to the translators and authors depending on the rendered work.
  • Translators can either volunteer or work as regular translators to share their expertise and talents. There are now approximately 3,000 manga contents that require good translation.
  • Caters the increasing demands of international users and serve as the perfect platform for fans filled with enthusiasm to support and patronize the products of their favorite authors. It is special software that doesn’t require typesetting processes and can be used easily.
  • Split profits for every translated manga content.

Currently, the recruitment process for translators from Japanese to Korean, Chinese, and English languages has already begun. Translator applicants are encouraged to apply and to work efficiently with the growing community of manga.

Katsuaki Tsuji – the International Section Manager – EISYS, Inc., it is essential to live in a world where everybody can read and appreciate manga masterpieces in various languages. As a result, the greatest approach for embracing new developments and expanding the user pool is to create this amazing platform for translations. With Translators Unite, Japanese artists have additional opportunities to showcase their work while also allowing it to move through diverse individuals, languages, and viewpoints. After only 30 days of service launch, a surprisingly large number of works with translation license and public availability have been uploaded to the site. This simply goes to illustrate how cooperative and open the authors are when it comes to bridging divides. Despite the differences, translations of excellent manga works can still inspire and rekindle viewers’ interest in manga and other similar works.

For more information and details regarding the translator offers in Translators Unite, contact Yuko Minatani or call +81-3-5829-4613. Interested companies or individuals who want to let their skills do the work and be part of the growing translator teams can send an email at international_pr@eisys.co.jp or visit the website.

Newsroom Editor