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Omar Alagha Talks About the Growing Popularity of CPA Marketing Over Other Marketing Methods

Published on May 27, 2021

In this constantly changing digital age, marketing is not limited to sales anymore. It has expanded to become a means for wider brand reach and lead generation. Brands are now experimenting with ad campaigns to make the desired impact on the consumers. While some brands focus more on creating a brand value among consumers, others might want to improve revenue or generate leads through ads. With the diverse needs of brands, several methods of advertising campaigns have come up. The most common among them are PPC (Pay per click), CPA (Cost per action), and CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) methods. 

The CPA ad campaigns are fast catching up with the growing trends in advertising. Omar Alagha, a CPA marketing expert believes that advertisers find the CPA method more result-oriented when compared to PPC and CPM. With PPC the advertiser pays the publisher on the basis of the number of clicks made on the ad, while in the CPM method, payment is made based on the number of the impression of the ad. The chances of bad visitors, clicks, and leads are higher in PPC and CPM methods when compared to CPA advertising.

With CPA marketing the advertiser is always on the profitable side because the payment is made only when visitors take action. Whenever a lead is generated through sign-ups or a product is sold through online purchase, an action is counted. Based on these actions, a payment rate is decided between the advertiser and the publisher. 

Omar Alagha feels that the CPA program is less complicated than any other marketing method as it is easier to set up and run. Once the advertiser and publisher strike a deal on the rate, they can start right away. The chances of bad investments are less on the part of the advertiser as the payment is based on the actions on the advertisement.

The other big advantage of CPA marketing is that advertisers are free to choose any channel to run CPA ads. Omar Alagha feels that choosing a trusted CPA affiliate network can be a good idea for any advertiser. However, depending on the results the advertiser gets, they can explore other channels too. CPA program can be run on individual websites where the niche content reflects the brand’s theme. CPA advertising campaigns can be run by social media influencers too if the advertiser feels that the target audience belongs to particular demographies more active on social media. Even search engines like Google allow CPA marketing campaigns and has a pre-decided rate for every CPA program it offers.

Omar Alagha believes that the wider reach and better response of CPA marketing are contributing to its rising popularity over other methods of online marketing. Omar Alagha is a CPA marketing strategist who helps to connect advertisers with the right publisher for successful CPA campaigns. He ensures that the advertiser doesn’t end up negotiating a deal with a publisher that has poor reviews and will deliver lesser than expected results. He pairs brands with the most suitable publishers to help them expand their reach and meet their targets. As someone who has seen the growth in popularity of CPA marketing, Omar Alagha feels that this method has the potential to grow brands exponentially in near future.

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