Ocrolus Launches Funding Initiative for Kiva’s Global Zero-interest Micro-lending Program

Zero-interest loans support mission of developing a financially inclusive world

Published on February 07, 2020

Ocrolus, a leading fintech infrastructure company that transforms documents into actionable data with over 99% accuracy, today announced a new lending program through a partnership with Kiva, a non-profit organization that enables anyone to make zero-interest loans to specific entrepreneurs in over 85 countries.

Ocrolus believes that access to capital can change businesses and change lives. In 2019, through its partners and customers, Ocrolus created a faster application and approval process for over 1.4 million business loans. In fact, over $56.8 billion in loans was funded using data from the Ocrolus platform in 2019.

With the Kiva program, Ocrolus is working with its customers to tell their stories about business lending. For every story published on the Ocrolus website, Ocrolus will provide $5,000 toward Kiva-backed loans. Additionally, Ocrolus is matching customer funding on a dollar-for-dollar basis up to an additional $5,000. Ocrolus has also organized a quarterly bonus funding program which will free up more funds based on customers’ usage of the Ocrolus platform. Once again, customer funding will be matched dollar for dollar by Ocrolus.

“Ocrolus is excited to share this initiative with our client partners,” Ocrolus COO Vikas Dua said. “Through our matching funds program, clients can give back to the global community by sponsoring entrepreneurs, leaders, and dreamers in under-served communities around the world. Ocrolus is committed to leveraging the impact of our fintech platform for social responsibility campaigns, and we’re thrilled to welcome the greater Ocrolus community to join us in supporting Kiva and their mission to alleviate global poverty.”

To learn more about the Kiva lending program supported by Ocrolus, visit ocrolus.com/kiva.

SOURCE Ocrolus
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