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The USA Olympic Cycling Team recognizes the benefits of neuro-priming and has integrated the Halo Sport 2 headphones into their training routine

Nonfiction Wins San Francisco Design Week Award

The Halo Sport 2 neurostimulator, designed by Nonfiction, adopts a familiar form factor to help athletes and musicians learn new skills faster

Published on June 24, 2019

Nonfiction was honored at the San Francisco Design Week Awards on June 20th at Pier 27 for their design of the Halo Sport 2 neuro-priming headphones. They received the award in the BioTech category for their ground-breaking design and commitment to thought leadership in meeting the needs of a positive future.

Halo Sport 2 helps to unlock human potential by stimulating the brain to improve muscle memory so that anyone can learn movement faster – whether lifting weights, working on your golf swing, or playing the piano.

The headset packs science-based, medical-grade technology, normally practiced in laboratories, into easy-to-use, great-sounding and affordable Bluetooth headphones.

Why headphones? The part of your brain that controls movement, the motor cortex, is directly underneath the headband. Placement of the soft foam stimulators is intuitive, and easy to use without changing your training routine.

Benefits of Halo Sport are supported by multiple independent, peer-reviewed studies (Huang et al 2019, SK Park et al 2019, S-B Park et al 2019), independently verified by the Air Force Research Laboratory, and more.

SFDW Design Awards is an international design competition seeking to encourage thought leadership by supporting designers whose works can contribute towards a positive future.

The SFDW Design Awards esteemed jury comprised:

  • John Maeda, Global Head, Computational Design and Inclusion, Automattic, Maeda Studio
  • Katie Dill, VP of Design, Lyft
  • Eche Martinez, Founder/Interior Designer, Eche
  • Diane Dorrans Saeks, Interior Design, Author
  • Shawn McLean-Bergel, Founder, Interior Design/Workplace Design, McLean-Bergel
  • August de los Reyes, Director of User Experience, Google
  • Michelle Hatton, Design Director/Senior Associate, Gensler
  • Tung Chiang, Creative Lead, Studio Director, Heath Ceramics
  • Tiffany Chu, Co-Founder, Remix
  • Jonah Becker, VP of Design, Fitbit
  • Ana Arriola, General Manager and Partner Design Director, Microsoft

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