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NIZA in the studio. © 2020 Olak Grütter

NIZA Establishes His Own Music Publishing Company

Multi-gold award-winning music producer Olak Grütter, better known as NIZA, counts over 70 million streams with his productions. Now he started his own publishing company to support young producers

Published on April 14, 2021

NIZA is a Swiss music producer and artist who has been signed with Sony Music Publishing since the beginning of 2016. In 2015 he attracted attention with productions for german rappers like Kool Savas, Kurdo, and many more.

NIZA was musical from an early age and practiced with FL Studio early on by composing beats. With the track “Waldbrand” on Kool Savas’ fourth solo album Märtyer, NIZA participated for the first time on an official industry release. Märtyrer entered the album charts at number 1 in Germany and Switzerland and received the gold certification in Germany.

In the past years, he worked together with famous artists like S4MM, Noizy, 18 Karat, and many others.

Since the streaming numbers on Spotify are publicly available, you can easily add up the number of streams NIZA has already collected with his productions. Just on Spotify, the Swiss musician has now reached over 70 million streams. He has worked his way up to become one of the top-ranking producers in Germany. Now he has started his own publishing company.

NIZA wants to show young producers the way and has founded together with his business partner Mike Buck, the music publishing company No Love Rights Management. The company focuses on the publishing and management of young music producers. We asked NIZA a few questions about this new stage:

How did the idea of founding your own publishing house come about?

Even back when I signed with Sony Music Publishing, I knew that at some point I would have to become independent. Many producers dream of a big breakthrough and through my experiences that I have collected in recent years, I have a lot of what I can give our members. The step to found an own publishing company was therefore a logical conclusion.

And what distinguishes your publishing house and what can you do that other cannot?

Since we are completely independent and work in a small team, we have the highest flexibility. Our team has already grown together like a small family and I am very proud of that. Nevertheless, we have the necessary know-how to do the relevant administrative work like any other major. Especially in our area (Germany), there has never been a pure producer-publisher.

Can you imagine stopping producing one day and dedicate yourself completely to the publishing business?

I will definitely make music until I am old and wrinkly (laughs). In my role, I mentor producers in creative stuff like composing beats, mixing, mastering, etc. I am also a producer. And I think that I will keep doing these things for a very long time.

We thank you for the short interview and wish you all the best for the future.

The pleasure is on my side. Stay safe!

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