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Ninjai: The Little Ninja – Everything We Know So Far

Published on February 16, 2022

Ninjai – The Little Ninja is a very anticipated animated movie/series which might be released in 2022. The story known so far is that you will see a tiny little ninja, which is the lead character wandering through jungles looking for his life’s purpose. Our little ninja is not alone, he has a little bird friend too, which he also happens to talk to.

About Ninjai: The Little Ninja – Movie Cast, Story, Episodes

Ninjai is likely to be released as either a movie or as a web series. According to unofficial information online, there may be two seasons, each with 10 to 12 episodes. When the Ninjai series/movie is released, it will be available on the most popular streaming sites. If you can’t wait that long, you can check out the unofficial videos on YouTube in the meantime.

Ninjai – The Little Ninja is the tale of a small ninja with no name who travels the ancient world in pursuit of the “self.” The protagonist, the unnamed child, appears to be an amnesiac. He embarks on an adventure, encountering both friends and opponents along the way.

He has a boyish purity about him, as evidenced by his distinctive voice. And when he’s not killing demons, he’s playful and inquisitive. But when he is in attack mode, his profound sense of a warrior spirit emerges. It’s almost as if he pursues his enemies with the idea that only a warrior who has seen death and stared it down in its empty soul and lived can do so.

Who Are the Creators of Ninjai: The Little Ninja?

The creators behind the series are the Ninjai Gang. Though the members of the group are unknown, we do know that they are young stuntmen who are animators by the day and, singers, and artists by night. This information was extracted from their YouTube account which has not been updated for a while now.

Ninjai: The Little Ninja – Expected Release Date

The previous Ninjai series is well-known among fans all over the world. As a result, the announcement about the Ninjai movie is generating enthusiasm in the ninja community. Anyone who begins to watch the Ninjai series will have a decent sense of what it has to offer. As of today, it is expected that Ninjai might be available this year. All we have to do now is cross our fingers and wait for any official announcement.

In the IMDB Ninjai listing, we can find some references to the Ninjai movie. We’re still waiting for the official announcement to come out because, for all we know, these could be rumors.

Ninjai is expected to be released in 2022 as per IMDB listing which may or may not be fully accurate. Hopefully, it does come out soon to major online streaming platforms so that we can tune in to it right away.

Ninjai: The Little Ninja – Where Can I Download or Watch Online?

The Downloads or Streaming for Ninjai movie or full episodes hopefully might be available in 2022 once they are released. Right now, we can only check out some of the unofficial sites to get more info on Ninjai here.

Hopefully, Ninjai will soon see the light of the day and us fans will get the taste of entertainment we have been looking for.

Ninjai – What Next?

Movies that take inspiration from real world always create different level of excitement and engagement from the audience. Since Ninjai takes inspiration from the real world Japanese Samurai and Ninja warriors, it most likely will be very engaging and thrilling movie to experience. Hopefully, we will hear some official updates on Ninjai and we will share it with you all once we get some!

Until we have received official updates, all this information may just be pure speculation and may be entirely false. Please stay tuned for official updates about Ninjai.

For more unofficial information about Ninjai please check Twitter and Pinterest.

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