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Ninjai – The Little Ninja & All Things Ninja!

Published on March 01, 2022

Ninjas have always been a mainstay of pop culture in movies and television shows, and probably always will be. They are stealthy, badass warriors that are pretty much the secret agent/spy equivalent of feudal Japan and Asia. One look at the spy genre in modern pop culture will tell you that the genre isn’t about to go away, and the same is true for Ninjas. One only must look at properties like the Ninja Turtles, Naruto, countless manga and anime, and characters from the G.I. Joe and Mortal Kombat franchises to see their enduring appeal and popularity in modern entertainment. Closely related are ninja’s cousins the samurai, which themselves have carved entire genres in storytelling thanks to filmmakers like Akira Kurosawa.

Today on our ninja radar is an upcoming new animated feature film by the name of Ninjai: The Little Ninja that looks awesome.

It’s being produced independently by a group of artists and friends that call themselves the Ninjai Gang. They’ve put out various material over the years, but Ninjai: The Little Ninja looks to be their first major release. They don’t appear to be backed by any big studios or production companies, but the first teaser for Ninjai that was released looked top-class. Beautiful artwork, incredible animation, great music, and a super promising premise all showed through, and it looks like Ninjai will be a smash-hit.

From the available information on the web via un-official Ninjai site and Ninjai social media channels, presumably run by fans, the story seems to focus on the titular character of Ninjai, a young boy and formidable ninja who travels through the ancient world on a quest to discover his identity. This journey puts him at odds with a host of villains, primarily a powerful warlord named Takagawa, who commands the Red Dragon Clan. As far as villains go, Takagawa seems like the real deal – he’s got a striking look, is truly evil and chilling on screen, and is a real threat to young Ninjai.

Ninjai also has one of the cutest sidekick characters we’ve seen in a hot minute, a small bird he affectionately refers to as Little Bird, and who accompanies him on his travels and even occasionally helps him in his battles. Look out BB-8, you’ve got competition. Little Bird will undoubtedly kill it in the plushie merch market. Heck, if anyone knows where to order one, let me know.

All in all, Ninjai: The Little Ninja looks to be the hottest new offering in the ninja genre, and a seriously good one at that. It’s got all the right elements to be a massive success, and it looks unique in a genre that has already had thousands of entries, so props to the Ninjai Gang on that front.

There aren’t any official updates as to when the film might be released, but according to online chatter from a fan Ninjai account, this might be the year, with a possible mid to late 2022 release on the books.

We’re excited to see this animated movie, and we hope Ninjai: The Little Ninja will indeed make its way onto screens sooner than later!

Other ninja content worth mentioning

It is impossible to mention ninjas in pop culture without talking about four green fellows. They get their names from renaissance artists. They love pizza, and they like to catch bad guys. The Ninja Turtles are a phenomenon that is unlike any other in the ninja realm.

The next big hit that has made it to pop culture is Naruto Uzumaki. This is a ninja that many kids love and there are movies, TV shows, and toys. The same kind of merchandise you find for the Ninja Turtles. Other ninja worth mentioning include 3 Ninjas and other characters from video games. Some famous names include such as Sub Zero, Scorpion, and Ninja Gaiden.

There are also many ninja movies from eastern and western cinema that depict the life of a ninja. Some of them are only for adult audiences as they contain very graphic violence. Many of these movies are from the 70s and late 80s.

The principles and fighting skills of the ninja

The Ninjas are also known as a “Shinobi” and the meaning of that word translates specifically as “those who act in stealth”. In addition, their main abilities include their skills to infiltrate areas and to work as spies.

Their accomplishments would rarely be credited or acknowledged as they acted in the shadows. This often meant that all the honors and the praise would go to samurai warriors. With that said, the ninja would often engage in very dangerous missions.

A quick look into Ninjutsu

This martial art dates to feudal Japan and was practiced by Ninjas to learn stealth combat methods. The discipline focuses on outsmarting opponents and doing everything possible to avoid discovery. More information about Ninjutsu can be found in the video below.


Ninjai is a welcome addition to the ninja universe and the story offers great moments that give it credit as a show within this realm. There is no question that the Ninja will live on as part of our culture due to the many valuable aspects of this ancient profession. Stay tuned for more updates on Ninjai from media sites such as Markets Herald, Madison Graph, and Film Daily.

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