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Nicole Benefield: Fashion Week 2021

Presented by Black In Fashion Council in partnership with IMG

Published on February 14, 2021

The Nicole Benefield Portfolio collection is a thoughtful, responsible approach to fashion and an appreciation for consuming meaningfully. Grounded in pieces that stand the test of time while being of the moment, the emphasis is on casual refinement. Approachability in shapes, fabrics, and color is paramount to the aesthetic.

The focus on these principles is a conscious balance between sensibility, wearability, and practicality. All these elements are now becoming more important than ever. The way garments are considered in the details becomes the decorative undercurrent in the narrative of casual refinement.

A strong curvature element recurs through style lines and shapes and morphs into moments of cascade and billowy volume. Contrast is captured through pairing sheer and opaque fabrics, matte and shine finishes, and neutrals blocked with black. The result is a collection that builds on a continuous conversation that celebrates emotion over trend.

The Nicole Benefield Portfolio Collection – Being presented by IMG x Black In Fashion Council.

Black In Fashion Council chose sixteen designers to showcase during their industry debut showcase, in partnership with IMG and Spring Studios. The selection of designers represents the active move toward inclusivity of the industry.

While Nicole Benefield is one of sixteen designers representing minorities within the fashion industries, it is Nicole’s focus to embrace this as a moment for mindful fashion and to continue to represent a position of power and creativity and affluence for BIPOC designers and consumers alike.

Nicole Benefield is a “Made To Order” brand, limiting the negative impact of design on the world while increasing awareness for both mindful consumption and necessary restructuring of what it means to be fashionable. Nicole has partnered with VNF Productions Inc. on the language and tone of her brand, ensuring that her voice is heard both in print and in her designs.

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