Next-Gen Rotary Evaporators: Energy-Efficient, Compact, and Sustainable

Published on June 20, 2024

Modern labs demand flexible and adaptable equipment. To reduce their environmental footprint and increase operational efficiency, laboratories are often phasing out tools and systems that no longer fit. Take the recirculating chillers used in a rotary evaporator, for example. Despite being the standard fallback for dry ice shortages, these chillers are now facing scrutiny due to their high energy consumption and the potential danger of refrigerant leaks. So, what should busy labs use?

Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Alternative to Conventional Chillers

Ecodyst, an innovative leader and creator of next-gen rotary evaporators, has unveiled two new products: the Ecochyll X1 and the HYDROGEN.

“We pride ourselves on our dedication to breakthrough improvement,” the team shares on their website. “Until Ecodyst, the rotary evaporator market had been operating on an incremental improvement model, using the same fundamental design for the last sixty years.”

The company’s designs seek to disrupt the status quo. “Our proprietary self-cooling technology has revolutionized the rotary evaporator to increase efficiency and output while reducing the operational costs, footprint, and labor requirements. This disruptive technology will ultimately set new standards worldwide for scientific instruments.”

How the Ecochyll X1 Improves Cooling for Benchtop Rotovaps

The Ecochyll X1 challenges the traditional paradigm of bulky, energy-intensive recirculating chillers, offering laboratories a compact, eco-friendly, and hassle-free alternative. Its built-in smart condenser achieves its setpoint temperature in just one minute without the need for a tank or coolant liquid. This chemically resistant condenser boasts a huge surface area, ensuring efficient cooling for many solvents.

Additionally, the Ecochyll X1 is designed for sustainability. The condenser utilizes approximately one-quarter of the electricity consumed by conventional recirculating chillers, significantly reducing energy consumption and associated costs. Its eco-friendly design also eliminates the need for antifreeze, dry ice, and water, further minimizing environmental impact and operational expenses.

The EcoChyll X1 is easy to set up and maintain. Simply connect it to your existing benchtop rotary evaporator, plug it in, and turn it on—that’s it! No complex installation or ongoing maintenance requirements mean you can focus on your research while the EcoChyll X1 quietly and efficiently handles the cooling.

The HYDROGEN Powers Faster, More Efficient Rotary Evaporation

The Hydrogen by Ecodyst is a revolutionary turnkey system for benchtop-scale solvent recovery and rotary evaporation systems. This cutting-edge product combines the functionalities of a recirculating chiller and a rotary evaporator into a single, compact body, delivering unparalleled performance and efficiency.

This evaporator champions sustainability in various ways. It boasts Ecodyst’s patented direct cooling technology, featuring a smart self-cooling condenser with chemically resistant coils and an expansive surface area. The condenser achieves an impressive -10°C in just one minute and a remarkable -35°C in a mere five minutes, ending frustrating wait times.

Available in two models – the Hydrogen Performance with an LED touchscreen and built-in vacuum controller and the Hydrogen Workhorse with an LCD display and a lower cost – the Hydrogen series offers flexibility to suit diverse laboratory needs. Both models boast the same compact footprint, patented direct cooling technology, and approximately 60% energy savings, ensuring a consistent high-performance experience.

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