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New York City, Meet New Pop Dandy Van Hechter!

Published on August 19, 2021

Van Hechter is a Canadian pop star who lives between Montreal, Florida, and Manhattan. His latest album ‘Love Elastic’ – launched last year in the midst of the pandemic, found its way to the top of numerous radio charts across America.

Singles ‘I Believe’ and ‘I Am’ became #1 in Chicago, Detroit, Miami.

But that’s not all. Last month he launched a duet with Stonewall Inn resident DJ Chauncey Dandridge entitled ‘The Delight’. The track is getting radio airplay and multiple positive reviews. Its neo-disco groove is addictive and the chorus, well, will stick in your head for days!

Mr. Hechter will perform in nightclubs all over NYC as of August 28, just in time to mark the end of summer – with a huge ray of beaming energy and a dash of humor – his signature personality trait.

Newsdesk Editor