New Indie Film “Still Here” Making Headlines

Inspired by a real-life story of a young woman who had lost her best friend to ovarian cancer

Published on April 07, 2019

There are so many new films out there for us all to watch right now, whether it’s on a streaming service, on-demand, in the actual movie theater, at a film festival or on YouTube! Some of the most inspiring and popular content right now is available to the masses at such an accessible level it’s incredible. This brings us to the current film being talked about in the ever-growing indie circle; Still Here. Still Here is an incredibly dynamic and exhilarating film about a side of death that is often overlooked by our society. Still Here follows the story of a young woman, Tina, portrayed by Tasmanian actress Lilly Dennis, who passes away from cancer, but her spirit does not understand she has passed. While some have compared the film to the Reese Witherspoon movie, Just Like Heaven, this film differs because unfortunately Mark Ruffalo does not turn up and it’s not a romcom… The film follows Tina desperately trying to continue to live her life but no one, including her best friend, Maggie, can see or hear her spirit. Don’t be mistaken though, the focus of this film is not about the supernatural or ghosts at all, it’s truly the beautiful tale of how to live after loss. That alone is a concept that a good majority of humankind can relate to. On top of that, the film heavily explores the portal between death and the afterlife and how souls struggle to cross over into the ‘peace’. Maggie is played by Stina Kalman and these two young women wonderfully bring to life this story written and directed by Angela Getz (UCB & Second City Alum) and Assistant directed by Bill Gibson.

The film was co-produced by Warner Brothers, AT&T, and North Star Film Company and will be available on the new streaming service the two companies are branding and releasing. The film was inspired by a real-life story of a young woman who had lost her best friend to ovarian cancer and continued to feel the presence of her best friend for years after she died. The director and writer, Angela Getz, had heard this story and with this woman’s permission turned it into a film. Still Here is making headlines because of its unique take on the concept of death and its unique construct. To fully understand why the film is so popular you are all just going to have to go and watch it as saying any more would lead to spoilers.

Senior Writer