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New Collaboration of Japanese Fashion Brand ‘Ameri Vintage’ and Virtual Fashion Platform ‘1Block’

Published on October 07, 2021

The famous Japanese apparel fashion brand Ameri Vintage and the virtual fashion platform 1Block will collaborate to sell haute couture through NFTs (non-fungible tokens). This collaboration marks the new digitized era for the high-end fashion industry’s trends towards tokens and non-fungible tokens.

Usual marketing and business practices work upside down for clothing brands. Other businesses strive to optimize, scale, and become accessible—other brands are supposed to be a cold and lovely dream, causing admiration and desires of ownership.

Establishing a clothing brand takes years of storytelling and the skill of keeping a fragile balance between making profits and maintaining exclusive, unique perfection. That paradigm has shifted with the modern world trends, in which successful businesses must be community-driven and data-driven.

Digitization democratizes everything from art to finance. Clothing brands follow this ever-changing reality and adopt innovation in their way. The haute couture made in collaboration with Ameri Vintage will be accessible in 1Block Land, the virtual land-style platform based on blockchain technology. 1SEC will present it through 3DCG production obtained through planning and developing Japan’s first virtual sneakers inspired by the iconic silhouettes we’ve seen before.

This effort will be considered the first to go beyond the boundary between the real and virtual worlds to combine the potential of digital fashion with technology for new forms of expression. A portion of the haute couture will be purchased through an auction in late October 2021 inside 1Block, the NFT marketplace designed by 1SEC as NFTs.

Just recently, 1SEC launched their collectible virtual sneakers. The rainbow color scheme is a symbol of diversity values; the unreal smoke gushing from the sole, the flowing texture, and exuberance were all inspired by the hippie movement of the past.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are non-replaceable tokens that generate the value of unique data. Invented in 2017, blockchain technology can be utilized to make digital data that confirm its authenticity, and the owner’s data can freely distribute it secondarily.

1Block is Japan’s first 3DCG-based digital fashion label that incorporates digital marketing strategy planning and digital content development through the latest technologies like 3DCG blockchain. The label aims to collaborate with different creators and media in the future.

Naoko Kuroishi founded Ameri Vintage, featuring styles that combine valuable vintage items with the latest trends based on the idea of “No rules for fashion.”

As the first clothing brand to provide its work in NFT form, Ameri Vintage wishes to combine respect for the environment with virtual, immortal, and transcendent NFTs.

These new spaces of freedom and creation, established on blockchain technology and which keep breaking the codes, are known for being developed in harmony and correlation with NFTs. This project proves once again how NFTs are disrupting the world of luxury and retail, paving the way for a new form of artistic expression, which extends material and physical art. Behind this plan, there’s a desire to consume less in the physical world in favor of the virtual ones.

NFTs have encountered an unprecedented boom in the past months, popularized by artists through music, player cards, and works of art. All of these NFTs are selling at incredible prices. Make sure you watch the brand’s launch this month!

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