MUJOSH Launches Convention-Defying Collection in #OUTGOING WITH WU TIAO REN Video

It's All About #Attitude

Published on May 11, 2021

MUJOSH, a cutting-edge fashion eyewear brand, surprised the internet when it spontaneously released a viral video “Improvised Escape: #OUTGOING WITH WU TIAO REN”, featuring the band that rocked China’s internet. The collaboration with Wu Tiao Ren marks the launch of MUJOSH’s latest collection, and kickstarts a three-month campaign that celebrates breaking away from convention to embrace the freedom and adventure that comes with spontaneity.

Wu Tiao Ren quickly shot to fame after going off script and improvising their performance on China’s hit TV talent show “The Big Band”. This move solidified the duo’s willingness to defy expectations and break the rules to embrace the unpredictable, like a plastic bag floating in the wind. With a thirst to never stop exploring life and a desire to live life on their own terms, Wu Tiao Ren embodies MUJOSH’s brand spirit to be “MORE THAN GLASSES” and continuously break with convention to reimagine eyewear.

“Wu Tiao Ren’s desire to challenge the status quo and live in the moment is undeniably and quintessentially rock ‘n’ roll. Similarly, our latest #Attitude line encapsulates this frame of mind with the unique combination of metal rings and glasses lenses — creating a fashion-forward look that makes a statement anytime, anywhere. The eye-catching designs also embody the theme of the video – Improvised Escape, which reflects the band’s spontaneity,” said Victor Wong, the Creative Director of MUJOSH.

Showcasing how mundane life has become during the pandemic and how the world desperately needs an escape, #OUTGOING WITH WU TIAO REN transitions from a vast surrealist desertscape inspired by Salvador Dali to the present day, to a cyberpunk-inspired future. With a slow and random rhythm, the finale of the video is a strong juxtaposition to the daily grind and conveys the urgent need to escape, let go of the need to control, and embrace randomness and improvisation.

Also a designer and influencer, Wong brings his unique vision to MUJOSH and believes in the unlimited possibilities of fashion’s tomorrow. For #OUTGOING WITH WU TIAO REN, Wong worked with Momo Chen, a forward-thinking Chinese photographer and visual artist, to translate reality into the imaginary scenes contained within the video’s multidimensional space.

“I’ve always had the idea of shooting a bullet-time video, which just happened to align with Victor’s vision for this video,” said Chen. “What was important to us in making this video is that we didn’t want to be constrained by reality. In creating a CGI world, we were able to have more flexibility to truly capture MUJOSH’s brand spirit.”

By combining digital photography and CGI technology, MUJOSH and Wu Tiao Ren present an alternative “escape” to the one people are living in today. The video rebels against conventional filmmaking and brings together its scenes in a completely unique way – delivering a creative and unexpected cinematic escape that’s as rock ‘n’ roll as the #Attitude frames and the band itself.

Staff Writer