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Mosi Dorbayani: Re-Defining Cultural Diplomacy

Published on March 23, 2021

Mosi Dorbayani, is a distinguished Canadian executive and cultural figure, who is famed for his efforts on upholding ‘Cultural Diplomacy’, and raising social awareness through arts – especially songwriting.

As he shares in his award-winning book, ‘Cultural Diplomacy: No Bullet, No Blood’, “words can truly impact our lives and affect our way of conduct. They can influence the future direction of our societies and change the destiny of our people for better or for worse. They can be used to unite or divide, to diminish and discriminate, or to elevate and encourage tolerance and equality. Through exploration of lyrics, music becomes a tool that offers society an opportunity to reflect, participate and engage in meaningful conversation about important social issues.”

Mosi who is also a renowned songwriter himself, has a roster of international collaborating artists from over 30 countries, spanning 5 continents, the majority of whom often lend their voices and talents to social causes. He is especially noted for his meaningful message songs, which strive for raising social understanding and facilitating dialogue among communities.

France has used the term ‘Cultural Diplomacy’ since the late nineteenth century, however, it entered the common conference in most countries in the 1990s. Originally, it referred to the processes, when diplomats who were serving national governments, resort to cultural exchanges to channel the advancement of their perceived national interests. While many political scientists coined “Soft Power” as its synonymous, and defined it differently, Mosi’s definition seems more comprehensive, so much so that it has been positively reviewed and used by scholars and students on various platforms including during MOOC courses such as Global Diplomacy by SOAS, University of London.

Mosi defines cultural diplomacy as: “The art of initiating dialogue through exchange of ideas and creations, to soften dispute, political disagreement and military conflict – an artistry to reinforce mutual understanding, foster socio-economic collaboration and ties to advance regional and national interests.”

Speaking of “artistry to reinforce mutual understanding…”, we recently came across to two of Mosi’s fascinating message songs: ‘To Whom It May Concern’, a song which highlights the UN’s International Day of Social Equality and Justice (voiced by Kate Todd, a Canadian Singer); and ‘Hopes in Chain’, a song in solidarity with Black Lives Matter (voiced by Yaya Diamond, USA). Both songs invite the public to have tolerance and understanding, and respect human values.

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