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MONTSERRAT New York Launches the Holiday 2021 Collection

MONTSERRAT New York's holiday collection is available on

Published on December 07, 2021

MONTSERRAT New York announces the launch of its Holiday 2021 collection. Designs from this collection showcase the brand’s lab-grown diamonds which debuted in September 2021. Co-Founders, Carolina Cordón-Bouzán and Gayle Yelon prove they can continue to create new designs for their customers without compromising quality.

“Carolina and Gayle are on a mission to build a brand and community for the future. One that I am sure will be associated with pop culture, looking back 20 years from now. They are smart, driven women, with a pulse on what is happening now in the industry, from a creative and sustainable business perspective. I’m pleased to support these two incredible women, their brand and their journey.” Lisa Metcalfe, Founder/CEO TenYards Consulting and current Montserrat Advisor.

There are seven SKUs in this collection with price points ranging from $75 – $320 USD. Each piece is made using 18k gold plated sterling silver. Lab-grown diamonds, glass emerald, black gemstones and pearls are seen throughout the collection. Lastly, MONTSERRAT New York launched their best selling Jet Set in black as a part of the Holiday 2021 collection.

“Our holiday capsule is inspired by the moments brought on by the energetic holiday season. After last year’s lackluster holiday season, I was excited to create festive jewelry that our customers could style for holiday parties and vacations and just as easily style year round with jeans and a tee. Incorporating lab grown diamonds into the collection elevates the designs while maintaining our core efforts to create attainable sustainable fashion. Sustainability plays a big part in how we function as a brand so creating a holiday collection that also has a positive effect on our planet is really special.”

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