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Mockery Mixes US and West African Culture to Create New Afro Trap Sound

Hip hop has taken over the industry with its continually expanding originality. West African artist, Mockery is pushing the boundaries even further with his Afro Trap sound

Published on September 17, 2021

Born of West African descent, Mockery now resides in Memphis, Tennessee where he has built up a large following under his Instagram meme page @m.ockery which inspired his rap alias. Having a follower base surpassing 400,000 with millions of likes and comments, Mockery has been dominating the online game. Now, he is expanding into doing what he always had a passion for, music. Growing up, Mockery was connected to the sounds of musicians like Sidiki Diabaté, MHD, and Niska. Infatuated with the way they were able to merge their traditional African rhythms with modern hip hop, they were influential in pushing Mockery to focus on a music career of his own.

Mockery has always been a musician himself, being versed in the piano and West Africa’s stringed instrument, the Kora. He has been at the top of social media for years and was ready to rise to the same fame in the music industry. With his Afro Trap genre, he hopes to bring his pioneered West African sound into international recognition without losing hold on his cultural roots. To achieve this, he has come into the rap game with fire right off the bat. Mockery recently released his debut single, “The Grind” where he uses his life experiences to create a hustlers’ anthem. The track details his personal struggles and his dedicated grind to overcome them and achieve his dreams.

Mockery is an artist advancing the hip hop genre into a new future with his Afro Trap type sound intertwined with modern hip hop. Follow the rising recording artist and stream his new single “The Grind.”

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