Minsetsu, Inc. Concludes Business Consignment Agreement Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.

Published on March 18, 2022

Mizuho Securities provides Minsetsu with a one-on-one IR arrangement system to its institutional investor clients.

Minsestu is a cloud-based platform that connects securities companies, institutional investors, and Japanese listed companies. They also offer paid services for organizing interview schedules in an IR communication platform known as Minna-no Setsumeikai or Briefing for Everyone. Just recently, the company publicized the end of a business consignment agreement for interview scheduling with Mizuho Securities.

An IR software enables businesses and organizations to handle their relationships with investors by collecting investor-relevant company information. That information often involves metrics such as the company’s financial performance and information. It then makes a user-friendly organized database with that information, which enables visibility and easily searchable materials for investors. Further, such tools are mainly utilized by investor relations teams within public companies and financial service institutions to offer Snapchat to their business partners.

Minsestu and Mizuho Securities strive to realize a more solid communications business group through the integration of both the management resources of the companies and to offer highly convenient information communication services, which meet a broad spectrum of customer needs.

The investor relations (IR) meeting schedule arranging service from Minsestu will support digital transformation work and substantially strengthen the efficiency of the current IR interview arrangement process through emails and phone calls. This will lead to smoother communication between IR representatives and investors.

The services envision communications from the point of interview inquiries to scheduling a meeting time on the web and will consolidate the process of organizing interviews with different companies. On top of that, it will allow investors to deliver a single interview request to different companies at the same time when there are hundreds of agencies requesting interviews.

It is feasible to contact IR representatives immediately when organizing interview schedules. However, it lowers the time lag of conversation and handles schedules effectively. What’s more, it removes human errors by equipping a function for stopping double booking of time and date of interviews and an automatic alerting feature for IR representatives and investors.

Some of the most exclusive features of the IR arrangement system include meeting arrangement service, global support, and interview with C-level managers.

With the IR arrangement system, it is possible to authorize a proxy to help with planning a schedule. Investors who are asked a proxy can check the schedule arrangements’ status and fixed dates at any time.

The service also supports users in English and other foreign investors who have a hard time scheduling interviews in the Japanese language. If needed, it is also possible to schedule an interpreter for the interview date.

Ultimately, the IR arrangement system allows interviews with IR representatives and senior management of the corporates.

Thanks to the ability to collect information and present it in a single user-friendly platform, Mizuho Securities can make better-investing decisions. The tool will also help them save a huge amount of effort and time for the parties involved by letting them send documents directly, use online signatures, and support overall quicker and easier communication.

Minsestu strives to support promotions of digital transformations of institutional investors. They will do this by offering an IR communication platform that connects investors to company management and IR representatives.

Established in 2015, Minsestu is a provider of an online platform designed to create communication between the investor relations division. Their online platform helps implement IR activities efficiently by solving concerns in the communication of the IR division and institutional investors and analysts.

Mizuho Securities is an investment bank that offers services and optimal financial solutions which meet a wide range of client needs.

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