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Mimi Novic and Edmond Fokker Combine Their Renowned Talents Into ‘Seven Prayers Of Love’ for All to Enjoy

Published on October 07, 2021

When award-winning inspirational author Mimi Novic initially teamed up with renowned Classical music talent/professional violinist Edmond Fokker to work on a new meditative audio experience together, it became instantly apparent that their collaboration was destined to yield remarkably special results that had the pure strengths required in both sound and sentiment to move hearts & minds across the world. From Edmond’s exquisite compositions and immaculate instrumentation, to the enlightened wisdom of Mimi’s words and naturally soul-soothing voice, united by their vision to create art & music designed to stimulate positivity and healing for one & all who listen – Seven Prayers Of Love houses an entire set-list filled with sensationally sincere, sensory sound that’s every bit endearing & enchanting as it is engaging.

A spellbinding complement to the textural qualities of Mimi’s voice, insightful words, and spectacularly detailed imagery, the stunning music expertly composed and played by Edmond brings a beautiful new dimension of compelling sound to Novic’s inspiring Spoken Word collection that has something unique for everyone to experience. Through a powerfully evocative journey created to encourage, motivate, and fully restore the soul – Seven Prayers Of Love pairs the duo of internationally recognized talents in Novic and Fokker perfectly, opening the doors of opportunity for Mimi’s messages of healing & hope at the core of their record to reach a whole new audience online through a breathtaking artistic endeavor.

The heartfelt & skilled musicianship in Edmond’s violin & piano compositions is delicately bold, brilliantly inspired, and played with pure passion; and when combined with Mimi’s wise words & ever-comforting voice, they create genuinely moving art entirely capable of unlocking the magic inside of us all. Over the course of seven tracks and more than a half-hour of vibrant material that features Mimi’s extraordinary gift for communicating the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that connect us together around the globe, alongside the impeccable & intuitively crafted compositions Edmond has created to enhance her every word – their collaboration speaks true volumes on behalf of the innate power of healing, through music.

As Edmond provides an emotionally gripping atmosphere for Mimi’s stoic and steady presence to guide listeners through an experience that highlights the crucial importance of our acceptance of light & love, while daring to dive straight down to the roots of the many struggles & obstacles people face within life every day in a sincere effort to assist in their untangling – Novic and Fokker help create a clear pathway forward to better tomorrows that everyone can walk confidently, together. In a full reveal of revelatory sound and universal truths, Seven Prayers Of Love explores the humanity we share, and what makes us eternal by delving into the vast intricacies of our inner thoughts & most complex emotions through the whispered wisdom in Mimi’s inspirational words, and the astounding depths of Edmond’s moving music.

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