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Mimi Novic and David Courtney Open Hearts & Minds With New Album ‘Dream House: The Journey’

Published on September 27, 2021

With her extraordinary reputation as a spiritual guide, motivational speaker, and award-winning author, Mimi Novic has helped soothe the souls of millions around the world with her written works & stunning spoken word albums – it was only natural that in teaming up with Grammy Award-nominated composer & artist David Courtney, that the combination of their incredible talents would yield a special experience truly unlike any other. Crafting six beautifully inspired, compelling, and captivating tracks all designed to create a restorative meditation that provides light & love to the hearts & minds listening – Mimi & David officially released the metaphorically mesmerizing results on Dream House: The Journey – available now!

From the immaculately vivid imagery and remarkable detail in her words, to the sensational and sensory textures of her voice, Mimi takes listeners on a guided tour through Dream House: The Journey, straight to the heart of the soul & into the splendor of the mind’s eye. Complemented perfectly by the serene & spirited soundscapes created by David, each chapter of their audible adventure becomes radiantly alive with evocative atmospheres, meaningful messages & themes that focus purely on self-love, and healing.

A powerfully gripping, comforting, and inviting experience created to stimulate universal catharsis, their warm & welcoming vibes will inspire & encourage each & every one of you to awaken your dreams from their slumber & turn them into your daily reality. From its spellbinding spiritualism to insightful wisdom, Dream House: The Journey was created entirely with your true well-being in mind, every step of the way.

Their altruistic new album features a lineup of unforgettable moments in time that gently guide listeners towards the better tomorrows we all deserve. Officially online and available now on every major music platform worldwide, join Mimi Novic & David Courtney in celebrating all that you are, as they unlock the potential for all that you can become, and shine a bright light on the love that connects us all, together.

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