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Kia Waters. © EarringEverything

Military Veteran Is Helping to Heal Emotional Pain Using Fashion Jewelry and Brutal Honesty

"I was destroyed, now I'm an asteroid" - Kia Waters

Published on March 09, 2021

What do earrings, eyelash extensions, and emotional growth all have in common? Emotional Support Advocate, Kia Waters, correlates the latest fashion trends with her weekly Web Series: Healing, Wine, & Storytime, a pillar of her EarringEverything brand. is an effervescent fashion jewelry brand in Atlanta, Georgia, created by military veteran, black-owned business owner, & Registered Nurse Kia Waters. Kia Waters created the sparkling brand to help women regain their confidence through fashionable finery that inspires women’s empowerment. Besides the affordable pricing and Lifetime Warranty on her prismatic accessories, Kia Waters aspirations pledge deeper than styling her shoppers. “Kia” as she prefers to be called, achieves this by offering an immersive experience into her life through her weekly web series “WATCH LIVE: Healing, Wine, & Storytime” streamed live on Instagram and Facebook. Kia’s casual delivery and animated storytelling is creating major buzz, with both shoppers, fans, and the emotional support community. Kia reveals destructive stories about her life experiences, living through, and growing from personal tragedies designed to encourage, inspire, and uplift those healing from emotional pain.

Following her confessionals, Kia reveals tips that she used to heal her psyche following turmoil and hopelessness. It is her raw emotional transparency that keeps her audience watching, relating, and using her tips to heal from their own emotional pain. Her takeaway with each show is “I was destroyed, now I’m an asteroid.” Making light of her rise from depression, and that now she is stronger than a fireball. Kia Waters has created a “text family” where she personally releases inspirational voice notes throughout the week, via text, to uplift & support subscribers. This is also a two-way platform to speak directly with Kia via text. Kia also offers One-on-One Confidential Inspiration Sessions, where she listens, offers support, and practical tips toward emotional healing and growth using specific actions.

Recently, Kia has teamed up with August Snow, owner of Eminent 8 Hair Salon, to create StyL•I•Nfection. StyL•I•Nfection is an Atlanta-based, beauty sect, that consists of industry-leading professionals providing services during organized events. The stylists use The Glam Van of Atlanta (Kia Waters’ state of the art Mobile Beauty Salon) to offer beauty services in outdoor settings. The beauty faction promotes self-care, self-esteem, & total wellness through beauty enhancement services. Their number one goal is to uplift, inspire, & increase the self-confidence of their clients. Many have already fallen in love with Kia Waters and her refreshing take on emotional health. Connect with Kia Waters at to shop, to learn more about and to collaborate with Kia.

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