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Mike Barron and His Rise From Gangster to Successful Multi-Millionaire Businessman

Published on October 16, 2021

Mike Barron’s journey from the rough streets of his youth to international success is both inspirational and unique. While his background would initially seem a hindrance to most, Mike has turned the lessons he learned early on into strengths he has leveraged to become one of the world’s top digital marketers.

A US native, Mike was born to a 16-year-old mother and drug-dealing father who was absent throughout his childhood. Without a role model or guidance, he started getting in trouble in his early teens. As he got older, he was drawn into “street life”, becoming a gangster – not just for protection but also to prove himself and satisfy a drive to overcome adversity.

His life direction changed when he met his wife Diana and became a father at 26. Fatherhood proved transformative for Mike Barron, and he channeled his energies into personal development and living a purpose-driven life. He returned to education in 2010 as a career advisor and quickly rose through the ranks to become president of his college.

As Mike learned more about himself and non-street life, he soon realized his true calling – to be an entrepreneur. So he joined the world-renowned Grant Cardone as Sales & Marketing Manager, further adding to his knowledge base. But that was just a stepping-stone before he began his own enterprises.

“I knew I wanted to change my focus to business, but I had no formal business training and no real role models in life,” Mike explains. “But my background, tough though it was, gave me an inner strength and drive to succeed. It was something I had to do for my family and also to avoid falling back into the traps of my past. Choosing your path is something anyone achieves with the right determination and mindset.”

In early 2015, Mike started Limelight Media, which helps marketing agencies and fitness professionals scale their organizations with lead generations and sales. With his leadership and tenacity, it proved an immediate hit and soon became multiple seven-figure businesses. Mike was also awarded a 2-Comma Club plaque marking him as one of the world’s top marketers.

“Getting recognition for what I had achieved gave me the validation I was on the right track,” he says. “We now have hundreds of active clients, sell a variety of digital services, and provide ‘done-for-you and ‘done-with-you’ services.”

The success of his business ventures led to him deciding to share his knowledge and expertise. So, in August 2020, he started Mike Barron’s Closer Academy and Mike Barron’s Closer Agency to provide online sales training and consultancy to those who want to learn. Covid-19 has made the world realize the importance of online work. Having a trade that can be done digitally is increasingly invaluable, and Mike wants to help others future-proof their skillsets.

“As with most aspects of my life, learning digital marketing skills was tough, and I had to figure it all out without guidance. I now have the chance to teach aspiring entrepreneurs the strategies and techniques I have learned and perfected over the years. It’s immensely satisfying to mentor rising talent and then see them succeed.”

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