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Melvin G Acquaah AKA Sabathil: An Entertainer Who Knew He Wanted to Change the World

Published on November 02, 2020

Many of us feel a higher calling or purpose that we must fulfill in life. Melvin Acquaah, better known as Sabathil, felt this calling himself. He knew that he wanted to impact the world and change the things that he thought were wrong.

“There are quite a few unique things about me. I was born in the Bronx, New York, raised in Jersey. I knew I wanted to change the world somehow; what’s lacking nowadays is that’s pure emotion. When was the last time you heard something that touched your soul, something that brought you back to a particular place in time that only you can feel what it’s like to go back in time to relive those exact moments? I sense different energies, and I feel like I need to bring hip-hop back to its original root, and that’s pure emotion. Hearing Nas’s Illmatic for the first time, I so wanted to be in a cipher. Or the first time I fell in love with Notorious BIG’s juicy, I imagined being on the subway in Brooklyn. So when you hear me, I want you to feel threatened or in some way. I’m unique because you already feel threatened when you hear my sound, so that means I’m doing a good job,” Sabathil recounts.

Sabathil took his calling into the entertainment industry. He signed himself to his own record label to have complete creative control and freedom to do as he pleased and never have to jump through hoops. Now, he wants to expand to other artists and people who would like the same creative freedom level.

“I run an entertainment label @sabathil720, I independently signed myself, so I can never jump through the hoops laws of a music contract. I’m always going to strike a good business deal with whoever wants to do business but the consensual contracts. The contract is a crime now, and it needs to be abolished. With @sabathil720, I have complete freedom to do my own deals and to fully own my publishing, which most artists don’t or can’t currently have because of consensual contracts. I want to be the first to break out of that concept of contracts. I will be the first artist not to be tied up into contracts,” Sabathil explains.

It has not all been easy living for Sabathil, however. At the beginning of his venture, he had to struggle to get people to trust his dream and his vision. He was confident in his ability to change the industry, but he still had to convince others of the same thing.

“The biggest challenges when starting a business would be getting people you can trust with your finances. I usually keep it in the family. We are all the same, but we also have different ideas, different ways of handling income. There are more ways to create proper budgeting and planning; the better your business modules will look. I can hand down my business to my kids, generate wealth for my children and my children’s children till the end of time. And of course finances, but that requires long strategic planning knowing where you are getting your money from is so important and vital nowadays, so make sure we have a plan ABC all the way to Z trust me you will thank me later,” Sabathil states.

He has overcome these overwhelming obstacles to become a big success. Nothing is slowing Sabathil down! He has a lot of amazing projects planned for the future. Though he can’t share too many details, he promises big things are coming in the future for him.

“My next project will be a huge one! But I need to keep it quiet now and take it one step at a time. I’m still on that natural high over the success of my single “Like Me,” which is on all major digital stores everywhere. You can go on YouTube right now and watch my video. As I’m enjoying my single push, I will be collaborating with a big artist soon. I have videos in the works from my EP “Alpha Centauri.” I want at least 2 videos from my EP before I start changing my pace. I am killing two birds with one stone. I am continually pushing my single “Like Me,” and I’m working on multiple ventures simultaneously. Hit the audience with a one, two punch ya dig!” Sabathil exclaims.

To find out more about Sabathil, you can follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and check out his website.

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