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Media CEO Kiarash Behain Launches a Program to Help Young Entrepreneurs on Business Planning

Published on September 15, 2021

The rates of young people who fail to transition from childhood to independent adulthood is on the rise. Each year, more young adults find themselves without full-time jobs, relying on their parents, or staying longer in school. These statistics are focused on the age ranges of 17 to 25.

Although there is a rise of youth lacking proper guidance into entrepreneurship, there is a significant increase in the monthly income kids and teenagers are generating thanks to social media and brand partnerships. Live streamers, YouTube channels, Instagram and TikTok viral sensations are some of the avenues today’s youth have been gaining massive followings and monetizable income from. Unfortunately, these young influencers are also not being guided through the ropes of the world wide web, business planning and financial literacy.

While browsing through Facebook parenting groups, our editors discovered an inspiring review about an entrepreneur who has been dedicating his time to something special – a program dedicated to help young entrepreneurs on business planning.

Meet Rundown Media CEO, Kiarash Behain. He is a social media marketing guru who has achieved high praises from top media and press platforms. Although Kiarash has reached the pinnacle of his field, he is no different than those who have struggled in their early days. For instance, he has faced many hardships in college – a time where he was getting adjusted to his entrepreneur mindset – and even launched failed businesses. But he never gave up. Behain found himself in moments of trials and tribulations like many. These moments are what made him hungrier for success, and continued to drive him toward the lifestyle he had always wanted. Now, due to the amount of hard work over the years, Rundown Media represents the top celebrities, professionals and brands in the world. With nearly two decades of experience, Kiarash Behain’s latest mission is to spread his knowledge to the next generation, so that they will learn from his journey and apply his lessons to better their future.

Kiarash offers consultation in business development, branding, and marketing. He also specializes in financial literacy, cryptocurrency, investments and money management. With the numbers of independent adulthood dropping, Behain acknowledges that the problem is increasing vastly. He has set up an organization to assist these young people in the best way possible. His goal is to help the youth understand and prepare themselves for entrepreneurship.

He has been offering live consultation to teens and young adults via Zoom and other streaming platforms, teaching them the strategies that he has learned along the way – giving them a head start in business, branding, and life ventures.

When it comes to his personal strategy, Kiarash states that “finding your niche” is one of the most important steps, since it’s the easiest way to separate yourself from everyone else. “You should be able to ask yourself ‘What makes me different?’”, he says. He suggests that the key to finding your niche is by ‘dreaming BIG.’ There is power in the journey of dreaming. He expresses that the youth should find something that they truly enjoy doing – even if they aren’t getting paid for it immediately. Kiarash wants teens and young adults to know that if they truly enjoy something, it is vital to stick with it. “Knowing what you want out of life is the first step to living your dream.”

Behain, who has worked directly with entertainers and popular influencers, found his niche quite early-on. But although he found his position in the business development world quickly, it wasn’t easy for him to transition to entrepreneurship – which is why he can relate to struggling teens that are striving for success. According to the social media entrepreneur, it is ‘completely normal to face roadblocks and barriers while on the journey to victory.’

Today, Kiarash Behain is gaining new accolades by helping many others reach their level of success – in just a short amount of time. His goal is to leave wisdom behind for the generations behind him, who are falling victim to the changes of our society – which has destroyed and created jobs at alarming rates.

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