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Maui Art Gallery Hosts World’s First 4 Phase Paintings

Published on August 20, 2021

Maui Art Gallery is the brainchild of Michael John Peters, who has created the first artwork that visually changes depending on the environment. He coins these changes as 4 Phase, and each phase has its own environmental trigger. Maui Art Gallery is the newest and, according to its clientele, the best gallery on Maui today. It hosts a 5 star showing on every rating platform available.

Michael John Peters

“His artistry is unique, beautiful, and memorable,” one proud purchaser remarked. Peters is self-taught and began painting during the pandemic after finding himself jobless for the first time since he was 15 years old. This fresh insight allows him to create pieces of art that are truly original and unique. In fact, Maui Art Gallery hosts only original works by Peters, and there are no reproductions. “Maui Art Gallery is the best gallery in Maui! It has gorgeous pieces that range from tables with the ocean on them to beautiful ocean scene wall pieces to watches and cutting boards. The techniques used to create the art are unique – unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.” writes a visitor to the gallery.

Along his journey of discovering his talent, he overcame many obstacles until he found success with his 4 Phase paintings. “It wasn’t easy. I opened this gallery with minimal painting experience in the middle of a pandemic when every store around me was packing up and leaving. People would ask me if I was crazy almost every single day while I was building out the space,” Peters recalls. The obvious question being, why? What made you do this! “I tested my products online at eBay first. I sold about 130 pieces in months. That and I saw an opportunity in all the open locations coming open”.

Eventually, Maui Art Gallery welcomed visitors again, and Peters’s tireless work ethic led to something no one had ever seen before. Artwork that changes its visual appearance. What goes into a painting like this, we asked Peters. “Acrylic Paint, Thermochromatics, Sex Lube, Water, Photothermolluminecent Pigments, Resin, Irregular Chameleon Foil, Photochromatic, Polymeric Dispersion Liquid, a shop vac, and a flame thrower.” “Not necessarily in that order,” he added with a grin.

The paintings react to heat, sunlight, and the lack of those to create the changes. Sunlight triggers a change in colors. Heat triggers a loss of color. Lacking heat and sunlight creates a glow. The last phase is its resting or normal appearance. “NFTs are hot right now, and it’s a very secure way to provide authenticity to works of art. That’s why with every purchase of a 4 Phase painting, you will receive an NFT along with COA for the artwork.” Peters noted.

You can find the 4 Phase paintings and all his other creations at his gallery located at 1279 S. Kihei Road, Kihei Hawaii, 96753. Or check out his online studio at For inquiries directly with Michael John Peters, you may call the gallery – 808.250.3103 – or email –

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