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Published on November 11, 2021

Massage Gun Pro is a professional therapeutic Mini Massage Gun. It is Ultra-Compact and Lightweight (450g / 1lb) and aims to Relieve Muscle Soreness, Pain, and Increases Blood Flow. It has 4 Interchangeable Massage Heads with a Powerful 3200 RPM High-Speed Impact. It is equipped with Ultra-Low Noise (45dB) and has a Long Battery Life (180 min).

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Day to day life is so tiring nowadays and there is no time to relax at all and there is muscle stiffness of many different sorts. Many people work many hours a day and have only sleeping time as their relaxation time. As the work and personal life balance are not equal many people face muscle pain and muscle knots in the body due to prolonged working and being in one position all day. A lot of people working corporate jobs have to sit at their desks and chairs all day long and do not have time to give to themselves. They are always on the go. Kids who go to school have no idea of how to relax. Older people do not have the facility to go to a massage place, a problem that comes with old age. Many people want to relax after a long tiring day so that they can relax with ease in their muscles and body. Many people want to go to a massage therapist to get their muscles relaxed by a masseur or masseuse. Given the circumstances, many people do not have the chance to go to a massage place to get their bodies relaxed. A lot of people have a problem with social anxiety and have a problem with people touching them. They are looking for more familiar options and better options to help them relax. Something that can soothe them on the go so that their time isn’t wasted as well as they can be relaxed.

Many people go to the gym and have a very fatiguing workout and want to relax and they can’t go to a massage place all the time and pay around hundreds of dollars every time they have a massage session. People workout frequently 3 to 6 times a day that is thousands of dollars every week and monthly the payment just escalates. Nevertheless, the muscles need a massage for recovery. Massage therapy comes from percussive therapy or vibration therapy which can help in manipulating the individual’s body’s soft tissues. Percussive therapy is very helpful for assisting with sore muscles that occur after a workout. The muscles need to recover from muscle tearing after heavy weight lifting, strength workouts, and even cardio. People working out in the gym, professional athletes and sportspeople, and individuals with recurring constant pain can use the help of percussive therapy. This therapy helps in proliferating muscle recovery after a workout along with declining the muscle pain, fatigue in muscles of the body and also helps in reduction of lactic acid build up which causes pain and fatigue in the muscles after a workout. This percussive therapy helps in spotting and focusing on a particular muscle or muscle group for relieving them from pain. It helps increase the range of motion and helps get flexibility. This percussive therapy helps in better blood flow in muscles so that muscles can recover faster but how can percussive therapy help an individual with muscle fatigue and help in muscle recovery? Well, there is a massage gun that can help provide percussive therapy to muscles. Massage Gun Pro: a device that can help get this helpful therapy to help with muscle fatigue and help get pain relief. Let’s find out more.

Massage Gun Pro

Massage gun devices, in general, have taken over the fitness world and are becoming very popular among them. It is not only popular for muscle relaxation after a workout. It is also becoming popular for helping people with prolonged muscle pain and soreness. Massage gun pro is a professionally designed massage gun that helps in providing percussive muscle therapy for muscle soreness, muscle pain, and muscle stiffness. It is designed to help people with prolonged pain in any muscle group in the body, mainly the ones under the skin. It can help one relax wherever they are. Just press and the therapy starts on the go. The massage gun pro is one of the unique massage devices that can help individuals after a hefty workout session. One of the features of this massage gun pro is that its mini massage gun which means it is very lightweight and has better vibrations for percussive therapy that the massage gun provides.

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This therapeutic massage gun has a powerful speed that can vibrate so fast it can easily help the soft tissue. It can be used on any muscle of the body under the skin. It may impact muscles under the upper muscles. It has such a good therapeutic effect that it feels like muscles have never been sore. It has a very unique impact on mental health too. It helps one sleep better at night with a relaxed mind and stress-free body and with eased muscles so that a person sleeps with no muscle aching. Many people cannot sleep with aching muscles which can increase their stress multiple folds. It can be very irritating which is why it is important to sleep with relaxed muscles. The massage gun pro helps the body relax. It also helps in quick muscle recovery after a workout. It helps increase blood flow which helps in recovering torn muscle fibers after a workout. The mini massage pro gun comes with 4 changeable massage heads which means that the tip of the massage gun can be changed like in a ball shape, spear shape but all rubbered heads. So, they can impact the muscle’s precise points but also the muscle group. It is a very low noise device, might as well be called an ultra-low noise massage gun which only has 45 decibels of sound so its way too low to irritate the one hearing it.

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How is the Massage Gun Pro Therapeutic mini massage gun different from any other product in the market?

The massage gun pro is a very unique device as compared to other massage guns available in the market. Although there are very few massage guns available there is still a lot of competition and substitutes available for massage guns. There are a plethora of devices being sold all over the world, but the massage gun pro is different. First of all, it has a lot of features that other massage guns don’t have. One of which is that it is lightweight and is very compact in size. It is a mini therapeutic massage gun. This means that it can be easily used while traveling and can be used while traveling too. It can be taken on vacations so that there is no need to spend an extra penny on massages from people just using one’s own percussive massage gun for pain manipulation. This is a feature that many other massage guns don’t give to people. It is very powerful because its vibrations are very frequent and short distance so that the speed can actually help in reducing muscle knots and help in recovery soon after a strenuous workout. Many other massage guns have a very poor speed which doesn’t even help with the problem of reducing muscle stiffness.

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Most massage guns only provide 90 minutes or 1.5 hour of functioning on a single charge, whereas the massage gun pro mini massage gun gives twice the battery life so that people can relax a little longer. It comes with 4 different massage heads for different usage. The pointed spear massage head can be used after workout for recovery, the round ball shaped massage head can help with reducing stiffness and the other ones for other muscle issues. The massage gun pro is a versatile device that has diverse functioning. It has higher speed than most of the devices which is what makes it quite different from other devices in the market. It has so low noise that it reaches the lowest decibels humans can hear, only 45 dB which is lower than whispering. It is very compact and very easy to hold. It has an ergonomic design so that holding it is not hard but rather easy. Plus, it comes in a very affordable price range which is what many top-quality devices lack although they don’t have all the features but some of the features are missing. Another alternative for getting massages is to go to a massage therapist, but what’s the use of that when the sessions already cost like hundreds of dollars per session per day. Professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts cannot pay every time for a gym session, they need to have a go to device that helps them with massage needs. This is where the massage gun pro comes. It might be worth it to try such a device.

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Features of Massage Gun Pro:

  1. It is a professional massage gun that is also mini and therapeutic, helps give people therapeutic effects on the body
  2. It gives therapeutic effects by relieving muscle soreness and muscle pain along with helping enhance the blood flow across muscles so that the muscles can recover after a workout.
  3. It is a very lightweight device and is extremely compact and has a small size. It is only 450 g or 1 lb.
  4. Even though it is very lightweight it still provides very powerful functioning which is powerful 3200 RPM High Speed Impact.
  5. It has a very ultra-low noise around 45 decibels so the powerful motor is not at all irritating to the ears.
  6. It has a very long battery life for a massage gun. It has a battery time of 180 minutes or 3 hours which is a lot of battery life for such a device.
  7. It is portable too which is why it is compact and has a better battery, so it can be used while traveling.
  8. It is a very versatile massage gun and has 4 interchangeable massage heads for different functioning. The different massage heads help with different muscle issues i.e.: helps in muscle tension reduction, helps in muscle recovery, helps in muscle pain, helps in reducing lactic acid buildup, and assist in giving therapeutic effects to the body by helping reduce Stress.

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Price of the Massage Gun Pro

The massage gun pro is only available on an online website and has no physical or online shop for the device. It can only be bought online through credit cards. The payment method accepted by the website is through MasterCard, Visa, and Apple Pay. It has free worldwide shipping unless one wants a faster delivery then it takes a certain charge of $ 9.64 for express delivery. It also provides the option of paid warranty of three years on the purchase at the price of $20.37. carefully select shipping options and warranty option. The payment will require filling in personal information along with contact information and shipping address information. Personal information helps in identifying the customer during delivery and matching payment details. Enter the credit card information for payment so that they can make further proceedings in payment. The price packages are:

  • Price of 1 Massage Gun Pro is: $ 106.12 and with $9.64 shipping if applicable the total can reach $ 115.75
  • Price of 2 Massage Gun Pro Package is: $169.37 or single massage gun in the package is $ 84.68, with express shipping the total price is: $ 179.
  • Price of 3 Massage Gun Pro Package is: $212.79 or single massage gun in the package is $ 70.92, with express shipping the total price is: $ 222.43.
  • Price of 5 Massage Gun Pro Package is: $294.79 or single massage gun in the package is $ 58.96, with express shipping the total price is: $ 304.43.

Refund Policy

There is a 30 days refund policy on the purchase. The shipment fee will not be returned but the product price will be paid back as it is. The refund can be credited back to the customer in 17 business days when they get the parcel in 2 weeks. Just file a complaint given in their customer support section and return the device in unused manufactured condition.

Final Thoughts

This device seems like a device that is a multi-functional and versatile device that can help people with muscle soreness and stiffness along with helping people with chronic pain and muscle tightness. It helps people sleep better at night.

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