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Marko Stout at Tribeca Gallery in NYC 12.05.2019. © Rudy Dedominicis. Reel Creative Studios.

Marko Stout: An Artist, A Rule Breaker and Celebrities’ Favorite

Marko Stout’s most recent sold-out exhibition “Erotic Allure Volume 3” at Tribeca Gallery was the highlight of the NYC fall 2019 art season

Published on February 17, 2020

Being renowned in the art, celebrity and social industry is a hard and challenging thing. Rising on top of all three areas with your talent and skills tells a story of a dedicated, hardworking person that has reached that position by being unique and creative. One such name, that is highly appreciated in the New York circles is Marko Stout. The multi-talented visual artist is an example of how art does not know boundaries and limitations.

The beginning of his artistic career is connected to his then, living situation. His home was a houseboat in San Francisco Bay where he was closely living with his neighbor. This neighbor in particular, who was a trained painter by the Art Institute of Chicago, owned a gallery that was more than enough of inspiration for Stout to pursue a career in that field. His first pieces and works were sold in that gallery which opened the doors for his future success.

The uniqueness of his work comprises mixed media, painting, photography, video, new media, paintings, sculptures, and prints. Every piece of work he does has a special cultural reference and meaning which makes him and his work distinctive. The perfection is something he greatly strives for, especially in his metal paintings and sculptures, using materials that are strong and eye-catching and colors that are vibrant. Like every other creative mind, Stout is also known for not keeping a low profile when it comes to his appearance and sexy rockstar looks. The avant-garde creating style he flaunts, with the black outfits, aviator sunglasses, and unique fedora hats makes him stand out and be his own original individual. That is another thing that makes him recognizable and highly appreciated in celebrity society.

In the city when all dreams come true and where is also hard to get recognized – NYC, Marko Stout has made a name for himself, both with his extraordinary art and personality. Lots of his work has been liked and associated with popular New York artists such as Andy Warhol, Basquiat, Jeff Koons and celebrities like the Kardashians. The expansion of his business and work has also been transformed into another area – a casual urban line called “Urban tribe” that has his signature look and work all over it.

The art world considers him as one of the most influential artists from the newer history and that is due to his easily relatable work, designs and approach to creativity. Marko Stout’s most recent sold-out exhibition entitled “Erotic Allure Volume 3” at New York’s famed Tribeca Gallery was the highlight of the NYC fall 2019 art season. The artist and his models where present at the exhibition’s opening night VIP party, which was well attended by several high-profile celebrities, art world insiders, collectors, dealers, media and fans lucky enough to score a ticket to the event. The show’s highlight was Stout’s innovative video installation presented in 20 HD monitors, which in terms of style and versatility left many comparing the artist to the late Andy Warhol. It seems now the New York art world has a new star and his name is Marko Stout.

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