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Making Friends Through the Art: Utopia or New Fragment of the Reality?

Published on June 07, 2021

As of 2021 after the worldwide pandemic, endless restrictions, and isolation, we all started to miss traveling, adventures, and of course – in-person interaction. ARV app ( came just for the occasion and promised to fix some of these issues.

A newly built application from the Prague-based startup (ARV Syndicate s.r.o.) lets its users make friends globally through the art pieces, that they like. Register, choose, explore and chat. The app pretty easy to use and will satisfy even the pickiest art lovers.

Thus, just after its launch, ARV gained its popularity and recognition among different social groups through the variety of its collections, which is remarkable by gems from world-known museums such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Louvre Museum, Victoria, and Albert Museum, Prado, Hermitage, and many more.

Every art space leads to the online collection and every piece leads to the chat, where always happens an ongoing discussion about the main characteristics of the artwork, inspiration besides the painting, the artist’s thoughts regarding the object, and many more. You don’t need to be an expert to join the chat – interest, and curiosity – that’s the main keys for every satisfying debate. Besides, the app inspires not just to engage in various discussions, but also to explore new artists, works, and movements. Every user can manage their profile in an interacting artsy manner and save favorite chats linked to the pieces for the discussion later.

Easily and unobtrusively ARV became a new online library for art, with the extended option to discuss liked pieces, meet new people, and personalized collection of masterpieces.

Although skeptics might say that there is no time in the routine of the average internet user for one more app – we’d say, the app is just the tool for making new connections and experience cultural heritage on a new level.

Fairly, there is always the time for new experiences and good people, otherwise – what to live for?

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