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Behind the scenes with fast-rising young Swiss-Ghanaian actress Lina Prior

Mabelle Prior Talks About Daughter Lina Prior’s Plans and Impact of COVID-19

Hollywood's rising star is safe at home with family

Published on April 28, 2020

Mabelle Prior, the Swiss-Ghanaian multiple award-winning Broadcast journalist, says her daughter Lina Prior is just fine and doing well.

Lina Prior, the Hollywood award-winning kid actress, won Hollywood Kids Best Commercial Look in 2018 in the Celebrity Experience TV Show in Hollywood LA. She also performed at Théâtre Beausobre in Switzerland in 2019 in the presence of over 5000 people.

Lina Prior played her first lead role in TCE London UK at the age of 4. At the age of 5, she played another lead role in TCE Hollywood LA, California.

Mabelle Prior says her darling daughter will continue her activities when the world pandemic is over: “She is safe at home with us, her parents. We are protecting her, and she is doing just fine. She will go back into acting when this COVID-19 world pandemic is over.”

Lina Prior is the daughter of Denis Prior and Mabelle Prior. Her brother is Delase Ephraïm.

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