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Mabelle Prior Mourns Her Beloved Grandma Adadzawa Dede Felicia

Published on February 23, 2021

Losing a loved one is never a nice experience that anyone would wish for, but it happens beyond our control. It’s a difficult moment, filled with grief, panic, and confusion. But then, nature has to take its course. That’s the moment that the Swiss-Ghananian TV broadcast journalist, Mabelle Prior, and her family are currently facing after losing her Grandma, Adadzawa Dede Felicia.

Taking to her Facebook page, the TV queen shared the grief with the world, expressing how disturbing it is to lose a loving, and caring Grandma without having an opportunity to say a proper goodbye due to the enormous distance between them.

According to the TV queen, the overwhelming grief is sleep-robbing beside the mind-boggling experiences that she’s currently going through. “It can trigger a dip in your mental health,” lamented Prior in a section of her post.

The loss of a loved one can be difficult. It can trigger a dip in your mental health. Your grief becomes overwhelming. And you are having trouble sleeping because you couldn’t even hold your loved one in your arms and properly say goodbye due to the huge distance between you,” her post read in part.

Besides missing the opportunity to hold her aged Grandma in her arms and properly say goodbye, Prior expressed how she was gutted by not having the chance to give her beloved Grandma a decent and heroic send-off due to the tough anti-covid 19 spread regulations prevailing in her Grandma’s country, Ghana.

It even hurts more when you know your loved one died a natural old age death. But due to world pandemics, and restrictions you can’t even give her a memorable funeral with the presence of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and loved ones to honor her and all the good works she did here on earth. To honor her devotion, love, and kindness to her descendants and all who knew her, a perfect funeral rite to give her the last respect,” Prior expressed her disappointments in a section of her post.

Burial Ceremony Postponed By at Least 3 Months as Tough Regulations Continues to Bite.

Despite postponing their Grandma’s burial from December 2020 to the first three months of this year (2021), hoping the coronavirus restrictions would have lapsed, the situation is no better than it was a couple of months ago. And the stringent anti-coronavirus spread restrictions continue to bite, leaving Prior in tears as she remains with no better choice than to accept the bitter reality.

As of February 1, 2021, Ghana’s authorities imposed more stringent regulations. Such regulations include a ban on all international travel on land and sea with strict safety protocols adherence for air travelers. Besides that, many social gatherings are banned, with private gatherings such as funerals restricted to a crowd not exceeding 100 attendees.

With these measures still in force, Prior’s Grandma’s burial fete wouldn’t be anything closer to what had been planned earlier, with only 100 people allowed to attend. And nothing crumbles Prior’s heart like having well-organized plans for their iconic Grandma’s burial ceremony dismantled at the eleventh hour, reducing stadium-like potential attendees to the size of a bus capacity.

“We postponed the funeral from December 2020 to the first three months of 2021 with the hope that the pandemic situation gets better and the traveling and funeral restrictions lifted, to no avail. They’ve become even more strict in Ghana,” Prior revealed in her post.

Prior’s Nostalgic Last Video Call with Her Grandma

“All we’re left with is your last video call a week before you left this world. We couldn’t even see you in December 2019 because the pandemic began. Then, we postponed it to January. Then December 2020, but still the pandemic got worst, “she added.

Following the outbreak of Coronavirus globally and a string of travel bans and lockdowns that followed in response to the rapid spread of the virus across the world, there were no better means of family conversation than video calls. Thanks to the video calling apps that made it possible for Mabelle Prior to have at least the very last video call with her loving Grandma.

From their last conversation, the memories of their lovely talk and her Grandma’s last prayers are still fresh in her mind. She can vividly recall her Grandma’s last words, including her prayers and blessings that she spoke over their family.

You told me on your last video call that you’re so willing to see us and hold us all for the last time. But you said you’re feeling so tired and think you may not see 2021. But with God, all things are possible. A Grandma of strong faith. Then, you gathered strength and Prayed for us and blessed us on the video call,” Prior recounted their last moments with her precious Grandma.

Legacy Never Dies— Adadzawa Dede Felicia Good Deeds Will Be Remembered Forever!

Even though Adadzawa Dede Felicia might not mean much to the world, her kindness, selfless love, undying faith, and devotion to her descendants are some of the traits that made her mean the whole world to Prior. Even though the entire burial plan seems to have gone wrong, Mabelle Prior still hopes to organize a heroic ceremony in honor of her Grandma’s goodness when the current global pandemic is over.

In her closing statement, she wished her a peaceful rest and sweet dreams.

“Believe me, Grandma, when all this pandemic is over, we will come and honor you and give you a memorable ceremony. Sleep well, Grandma, Sweet dreams,” Prior rested her case.

Living is a beautiful and miraculous experience that everyone enjoys as long as they find themselves safe and sound at every sunrise. But, then, the most uncertain ordeal can strike at any time—any hour, any minute, or in the next second… Death! That’s the most horrific thing that any sober-minded person can ever imagine of.

And the most uncertain thing ever is how one would exit the living world and when it would happen. Would it be through a road crash, aeronautical failures, or any other unfortunate accident, disease, or old age?

If you’re lucky enough, you can live to celebrate a couple of decades and even a century. But who knows? No one! Unfortunately, there is no immunization to death, making it a surprise of all times for the human race. After all, it’s the worst thing that can ever happen to anyone.

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