M. Patrick Carroll, CARROLL Founder and CEO, on the Real Estate Investment Market and COVID-19 Externalities

Published on November 19, 2021

M. Patrick Carroll is a storied real estate investor who has been successfully predicting market behavior since entering the business in 2004. As the founder and CEO of CARROLL, a vertically integrated owner and operator of a multifamily real estate portfolio worth around $10 billion, Carroll has 75 properties under management and a consistent track record providing high returns to investors. CARROLL is the industry standard when it comes to multifamily real estate investment.

M. Patrick Carroll’s steady hand and market foresight have enabled him to successfully lead the CARROLL organization through both the 2008 Housing Crisis as well as the COVID-19 Pandemic. By anticipating market behavior and investing intelligently, CARROLL has been able to bring high-yield returns to their investors throughout both market downturns.

Following his gut, Carroll strategically invested in multifamily properties just before the housing crisis of 2008. Carroll correctly anticipated a shift away from single family homes and towards multifamily properties and therefore sold off his single family property investments pre-crisis. When the housing crisis ensued, not only was CARROLL’s portfolio protected, but investors in CARROLL were actually able to profit due to the organization’s strong multifamily positions. Carroll’s foresight about the crisis and his willingness to transition away from single family properties, despite getting his start in that sector, truly set him apart as many investors do not have this self-awareness.

This decision has led to other positive results for the CARROLL organization as time has gone on. When Carroll made the move to start investing in multifamily properties, he tactically began investing in these properties across the Sun Belt region of the United States. Consisting of states like Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas, Carroll understood the value of investing in properties in the Sun Belt’s major cities long before the rest of the investment world did.

Now, due to the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, cities across the Sun Belt have seen a huge spike in population and activity. As more and more people want to move to these cities, the value of the property in the CARROLL portfolio goes up. Of course, as the population increases and the demand for rental housing increases, the supply of apartments decreases, which drives rental prices even higher. This is especially true as newcomers to these cities are renting at a higher rate than they are buying.

With $10 billion in multifamily real estate assets throughout the Sun Belt, the CARROLL organization and its investors have been perfectly positioned to benefit from the market externalities resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

While very few investors predicted a pandemic the size of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Carroll’s shift towards the Sun Belt region of the United States as well as towards multifamily real estate have both proven to be prescient and lucrative.

With a proven track record, a visionary mindset, and a willingness to risks, we are sure that M. Patrick Carroll will continue to lead the CARROLL organization to success in any market environment.

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