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Luxe Hangers Launches the First Luxury Home Organization Company

Published on July 12, 2020

Launching the first luxury home organization retail company, Luxe Hangers started with humbly just selling hangers on their site. They created the first original body hanger duo set. In this digital age, people take real pride in setting out their outfits, taking pictures of their clothing pieces & displaying their clothes properly. You can use Luxe Hangers for just that, even hanging swimwear, rompers & gowns! They strive to provide what they call ​supreme quality to their customers. Their metal body hanger 12-piece set is so well made it will without a doubt last you a lifetime. But, what really will last a lifetime is their content.

Luxe Hangers has created a fun blog called #GetRevitalized. From weekly closet inspirations to new cleaning methods, the #GetRevitalized blog brings you all the information you need to not only revitalize your home but your self-growth journey. Luxe Hangers makes it clear in their core values that they want to ​help create environments that people can flourish in​. After the entire world has dealt with a pandemic, having a company that can provide content that can potentially better us is essential now more than ever! To add, they even sell high-quality face-mask on their site. Out of all the face-mask we’ve seen Luxe Hangers has unquestionably the most alluring ones out there thus far!

Another core value they expressed was ​diversity and uniqueness which is definitely shown amongst their line of unique t-shirts. Luxe Hangers is a very eccentric company that supports all walks of life from kids to men. If you love people and luxury, you will love Luxe Hangers. If you love finding out new ways to better you and your home then you will be obsessed with Luxe Hangers.

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